Support Great Students

Help future creators and innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs have access to a world-class Catholic education. Make certain that the best and brightest students continue on at JPCatholic.

Student scholarship funding is our largest and most critical ongoing need. Over 90% of our undergraduate students receive institutional financial aid, which is provided by benefactors such as you.

Scholarships annually support our most bright and promising students - who graduate ready to impact culture for Christ. Scholarships are critical in bridging the gap between the student's expenses and financial aid, and are often the deciding factor on whether a student attends.

All students on scholarship must maintain a GPA of 3.0, which means they are smart, diligent and especially deserving of your support. You can transform a talented student's life by making a scholarship gift of any size.

Keep Tuition Affordable
Your gift keeps tuition affordable and our education excellent, while keeping tuition increases at a minimum.

How can I help? Your gift will provide generous financial aid for students in need, as well as for students with exceptional academic talent. You may support these bright students with a gift that is any combination of the following:

  • Annual or endowed
  • Need-based
  • Merit-based
  • Restricted according to criteria you choose


Provides annual scholarships to extraordinary students who commit to Impacting Culture for Christ on graduation


Allows us to compete for an exceptional student by offering a more competitive scholarship or provide an emergency bridging scholarship to a student with an unforeseen change in family income.


Adds to our scholarship - helping students with great need and great ability.

If you feel called to connect your legacy with that of a critical student scholarship at JPCatholic, please contact Derry Connolly, President at 858-653-6740 or email

John Paul the Great Catholic University is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity organization.