John Paul the Great Catholic University - June 6th, 2005 Update

1. New Catholic University changes name to John Paul the Great Catholic University

The Board of Trustees of New Catholic University approved the changing of the name of New Catholic University (considered a temporary name from the outset) to a new permanent name - John Paul the Great Catholic University. The Board notified the Diocese of San Diego and at the request of Bishop Brom retained the word Catholic in the name of the University. The Board has filed a Certificate of Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation with the State of California notifying them of the name change.

2. Update on John Paul the Great Catholic University�s application to the State of California BPPVE for approval
JP Catholic University first submitted an Application to 'Operate a degree granting institution' to the State of California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education (BPPVE) in July 2004. JP Catholic received its first response from the BPPVE in early March 2005, and replied in early April 2005. Last week, (early June 2005), JP Catholic received a response to its April submission. As expected, the response contained a small list of issues that require still further clarification. The critical issue remaining at this stage revolves around the lease of a facility. Search for this facility is on-going and we have engaged professional services. We appreciate any leads that you may be able to provide.

3. John Paul the Great Catholic University Scholarship Gala to launch the establishment of a Scholarship Endowment Fund - Sept 17th, 2005
Mark your calendars now - reserve the evening of Saturday September 17th, 2005 for the JP Catholic Scholarship Gala. The Scholarship Gala will launch the truly critical effort to build the JP Catholic scholarship endowment fund. The black tie optional event will be held at the beautiful La Jolla Hyatt, which hosted JP Catholic's wonderfully successful Inaugural Gala in Sept 2004. We are delighted to report that ticket purchases have begun. Let us know if you can help with encouraging your friends to purchase tickets and tables for this important event.