MBA Film Producing Program Learning Outcomes

Knowledge of Jesus Christ: Graduates will identify and address the ethical challenges and dilemmas faced when working in the film, TV, and media industries based on a personal code of ethics informed by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Knowledge of the Profession: Graduates will comprehend the distinct nature of the three basic types of producer: executive, creative, and physical, identify a specialized area of interest, and then perform the roles and responsibilities connected to that area of producing.

Knowledge of Production Theory and Practice: Graduates will understand and possess the ability to apply media production skills within typical production environments.

Knowledge of Business of Producing: Graduates will understand, apply, analyze and evaluate the various business processes common to the development, packaging, financing, production and distribution of film, TV, and media products.

Synthesis of Theory and Practice: Graduates will successfully plan, create and implement an MBA Thesis Project, as well as an industry related internship.

Critical Evaluation: Graduates will evaluate, critique and discuss literary and other works that serve as a basis for a compelling visual story, with a view to generate, develop, refine and package scripts and projects for the screen.