Senior Business Plan

The senior business plan involves the conception, development, incubation and actualization of a real business.

The two-year long project will unleash the student's talents and bring together their passions and commitments, while teaching 'real world' business skills through doing. The project will bring together the student team's creative insights, sprinkled with some innovative technologies and a novel business strategy. The senior faculty, who will guide the students� work, will be seasoned creators and innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. A state-of-the-art in-house incubator will cultivate the student-led businesses. Catholic ethical, moral and social principles will provide an overarching framework for the business creation and implementation process.

All students, at the beginning of their junior year, will become part of a self-selected Senior Business Plan Project Team. The diverse team will be comprised of four to six students from the different degree programs. The team must select a business concept at the outset, but can change their idea at any time up until the middle of the second quarter of the junior year. For the remaining year and a half, the team, with guidance from faculty and external mentors, will develop and implement their company's business plan. By the last quarter of their senior year, the student team will have the company functional (possibly with revenues) and will document the business plan and process as their senior business plan.

The highlight of the student's academic experience and a defining moment of their JP Catholic education will be the presentation of their senior business plan project to their peers, lower classmen, faculty, trustees and benefactors, their parents and mentors from the community.