BA in Humanities

John Paul the Great Catholic University prepares students professionally and spiritually for careers in the diverse, yet complementary fields of entertainment media, business and the humanities. It provides an academically rigorous, yet practical environment for students called to impact culture for Christ.

The BA Humanities program is designed to complement existing offerings at JPCatholic and extend our mission to “impact culture for Christ.” We have long focused on “culture-making” from a Catholic perspective. The BA Humanities program will complement these existing Media and Business programs by providing students the opportunity to embrace a deeper understanding of culture and how it is formed. The foundational disciplines include grammar, literature, and argument, and by extension all persuasive media, including the visual arts. They foster the intellectual, moral, and imaginative creativity. They also constitute culture’s higher expressions. When carefully taught in articulation with philosophy and theology, they reveal their capacity to be both promoted and transformed by the best the Catholic intellectual tradition. Such promotion and transformation of the humanities are what is meant by “impacting the culture for Christ.”

The broadly interdisciplinary degree program allows you to study human culture and how we understand and record the human experience. People have used philosophy, theology, art, music, literature, history and language to process and document our world. These academic disciplines traditionally make up the Humanities and their study gives us the opportunity to connect with our past and understand our contemporary culture. With the great texts of western civilization as a foundation, the program provides students with a deep study of culture, and intellectual history. This new program allows for a fruitful dialogue between students pursuing different degrees at JPCatholic.

Areas of Emphasis allow students to focus on one or more aspects of business that they are most interested in

Students learn to passionately pursue new and innovative ideas, to defy conventional wisdom, to dare mighty things, and to lead through action and example. Students can expect a 'transforming' experience, acquiring self-confidence, knowledge, and the tools they will need to chart their own future, and likely in partnership with peers from JPCatholic.

Graduates will expect to pursue careers in the very broad fields that employ Humanities majors from journalism to film from teaching to evangelization, from public policy to public service.

Experienced and Creative Faculty bring a unique blend of deep intellectual thought, creativity and innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit underpinned by a serious focus on forming students to thrive within the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

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