MBA in Film Producing

John Paul the Great Catholic University prepares students professionally and spiritually for careers in the diverse, yet complementary fields of entertainment media and business. It provides an academically rigorous, yet practical environment for students called to impact culture for Christ.

Our MBA in Film Producing provides a firm stepping-stone to becoming a successful producer ready not only to make great films but to running businesses that make great films. The curriculum empowers you with a rigorous integration of film producing and entertainment development courses, graduate business training, and Catholic formation in Scripture, philosophy, and theology. Students are equipped with a core knowledge in the key areas of both business and production: story & development; finance & budgeting, marketing & distribution, strategy, intellectual property law and more.

With industry-experienced faculty you will work in the classroom and in the real world as part of a functioning production company. You'll begin by reading scripts and selecting a story that you'll guide in your thesis project from pre-production through marketing and distribution. Our LA quarter, the Hollywood mentor series and JPCatholic faculty help you in the challenge of building an extensive professional network that will be invaluable in finding the talent and funding you need to launch your project.

You will graduate equipped with a solid knowledge of core business principles and the competence and foundational experience to join a working studio or create your own.

Accreditation - JPCatholic is a WASC accredited institution. Read more about our accreditation process.