New Evangelization

John Paul the Great Catholic University prepares students professionally and spiritually for careers in the diverse, yet complementary fields of entertainment media, business, and theology. It provides an academically rigorous, yet practical environment for students called to impact culture for Christ.

At the turn of the new millennium, John Paul the Great exhorted young people to be inspired with new energies to the call to spread the Gospel to all nations. Our new millennium has ushered in an explosion of new media and channels in which to spread the Good News of Christ, and John Paul the Great called us to embrace these new means of communications to impact the culture in which we live. The 'New Evangelization' major embraces John Paul's exhortation to bring the light of the Gospel to all nations by passionately articulating the faith using new forms of communication.

The New Evangelization emphasis is a rigorous integration of Sacred Scripture and theology, new media and film production. Students study God's Fatherly plan (the 'divine economy'), the unity of the Old and New Testament ('typology') and the relationship of salvation history to the Church's celebration of the Liturgy ('mystagogy'). Students are firmly rooted in the magisterial teaching of the Catholic Church as well as the philosophy and theology of St. Thomas Aquinas. In addition, students will be trained to effectively communicate what they have learned to others, focusing on ways to apply what they have learned to the task of evangelization. The Practicum classes give students the opportunity to practice teaching and articulating the faith, while having the guidance of experienced professors.

Students take a comprehensive mix of classes in media production, screen writing and storytelling, camera and lighting operations, sound recording and editing, post-production essentials, directing, producing and documentary creation. The students will also take a production simulation class in which they will work in a group setting producing a short film, webisode or documentary in its entirety. The student's academic career will culminate with the Senior Project, a 30-week venture in which they will combine all their media production and evangelization education into the creation of a culture impacting work of media.

Finally, students may go through the LaunchPad, where they build and launch an apostolate or for-profit company. Through this process, students learn the practical implications of their desire to spread the Gospel by learning vital business and organizational skills.

Graduates will expect to pursue careers in the service of the Church in parishes, dioceses, schools and apostolates.