MA - Biblical Theology

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The Bible as the Soul of Theology

The Second Vatican Council explained, "the study of the sacred page is... the soul of theology" (Dei Verbum 24). The M.A. in Biblical Theology Program at John Paul the Great Catholic University was developed according to this vision, offering a thoroughly biblically based approach to the major branches of theology (e.g., dogmatic, sacramental, moral).

Pope Benedict XVI emphasized the need for a close integration of biblical studies and theology, explaining, "where exegesis is not theology, Scripture cannot be the soul of theology, and conversely, where theology is not essentially the interpretation of the Church's Scripture, such a theology no longer has a foundation" (Verbum Domini 35).

The M.A. program at John Paul the Great Catholic University thus seeks to train students in the various branches of theology in such a way that is thoroughly exegetical, i.e., rooted in a careful study of Sacred Scripture. In this, our curriculum is truly unlike other theology programs. Whereas most systematic theology programs offer little more than basic introductory courses in the Old and New Testaments, ours involves in-depth study of all of the major categories of biblical literature.

Likewise, whereas as most graduate biblical studies programs offer their students little in terms of theological formation, students in the M.A. in Biblical Theology program at JPCatholic take courses in the major branches of Catholic theology.