BS in Business

John Paul the Great Catholic University prepares students professionally and spiritually for careers in the diverse, yet complementary fields of media and business. It provides an academically rigorous & practical environment for students to impact culture for Christ.

Business, as an academic field encompasses the broad areas of marketing & sales, leadership & management, and the business creation process. Students bring together all they have learned in our unique business LaunchPad when they undertake a significant business project or explore taking a new idea through to eventual launch. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to master the complexities of today's global and ever-changing business environment.

Areas of Emphasis allow students to focus on one or more aspects of business that they are most interested in

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Leadership & Management
  • Creative Entrepreneurship

Students learn to passionately pursue new and innovative ideas, to defy conventional wisdom, to dare mighty things, and to lead through action and example. Students can expect a 'transforming' experience, acquiring self-confidence, knowledge, and the tools they will need to chart their own future, and likely in partnership with peers from JPCatholic.

Graduates will expect to pursue careers in the very broad field of business

Industry-experienced faculty bring a unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit underpinned by a serious focus on forming students to thrive within the increasingly competitive global marketplace.