At JPCatholic, our film program culminates in a capstone project that takes place over your entire senior year. Take your production values to the next level by raising money, hiring actors, and collaborating with your talented peers. Whether you choose a short film, TV pilot, web series, or documentary, you’ll graduate with a high quality project to submit to festivals and use as a calling card in the industry.

The Senior Project Process


Leading up to the winter quarter, students have the chance to submit their scripts and project ideas to the Film faculty to get greenlit. Students start to form their teams and assign roles on the project.

The first 10 weeks of Senior Project is focused on casting and planning out the logistics for your shoot. Students hold casting calls in Los Angeles, go location scouting, budget, and coordinate all the details for production.

SUMMER Quarter: Post-Production

It’s the final quarter of senior projects, and also your final quarter at JPCatholic! This last phase is focused on post-production and bringing your project to completion. Work with your team on editing, color grading, sound mixing, ADR, foley recording, and VFX compositing. Throughout the process, you’ll test screen your rough cuts in small focus groups to refine and polish your story.

SPRING Quarter: production

After months of planning, it’s go time! Production normally takes place at some point during the spring quarter, and most projects will have between 3 and 6 days of production on set. Filming can take place in the University’s soundstage, off campus, or both.


You and your team have worked hard over your entire senior year bringing your project to life, and now it’s time to show it off!

The day before Graduation, JPCatholic rents out a screen at Regal Cinemas in Escondido to premiere the senior projects to friends, classmates, and family. You’re able to showcase your work on the big screen and celebrate your accomplishments with your team.

But it doesn’t end there. Students are encouraged to submit their projects to film festivals. In the past, senior projects have garnered awards from festivals such as San Diego IndieFest, Sherman Oaks Film Festival, and the Independent Short Awards.

After running the film festival circuit, the films can be published online. Scroll down to watch some senior projects on our Student Showcase!




Class of 2011 Feature FIlm

Whereas most senior projects tend to be short films around 5-30 minutes in length, the Class of 2011 had a special opportunity to participate in a feature length film.

Over several months in 2011, JPCatholic students and faculty wrote and produced a feature length film called Red Line, a thriller about ten passengers trapped in a subway car after a bomb explodes. The project was filmed almost entirely in the University’s soundstage. Industry professionals were hired to lead various departments, and students were mentored by them throughout the production process.

Red Line premiered at the San Diego Film Festival in September 2012, where it won the U-T San Diego Award. It later received domestic and international distribution in Redbox, Target, Netflix, and various other streaming services.

Watch the Film on Amazon Prime

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