Biblical Theology Certificate Programs

We are currently NOT admitting new students to Certificate programs - read more details

Why get a certificate?

Certificates are a widely respected credential offered by many colleges and universities to those who want to acquire a new body of knowledge and demonstrate proficiency in the given subject. Although some of our Continuing Education Certificate Students already have a bachelor’s degree it is not a requirement for admission. Certificate courses also provide a wonderful way for students to test the water inorder to determine whether they will pursue a Masters degree in Biblical Theology.

The Certificate programs meet our high academic standards are are available 100% online.

What Certificate Options do you offer?

We offer two categories of Certificates.

  1. Certificates in Catholic Theology and Philosophy are ideal for the inquisitive life long learner and documents the student’s success. Students may begin their Certificate studies in any quarter and proceed at their own pace. Each Certificate consists of a series of five courses taught on a pass/fail basis within a ten week cycle. Continuing Education courses are not for credit and are non-transferable into our degreed programs.

    I. Certificate in Catholic Theology
    1. Intro to New Testament
    2. Intro to Old Testament
    3. Catechism I: The Creed
    4. Catechism II: Catholic Spirituality
    5. Catechism III: Catholic Morality
    II. Certificate in Catholic Philosophy
    1. Sound Reasoning
    2. Understanding of Nature
    3. Nature of the Human Being
    4. Philosophy, Politics and Government
    5. Metaphysics and Natural Theology
  2. Graduate Certificates in Catholic Theology provide access to our top notch graduate courses for the serious learner and document his/her accomplishments. There are three graduate level certificates consisting of 16 credit hours each. These post-baccalaureate Graduate Certificate credits may be applied towards our Masters in Biblical Theology degree program. All Graduate Certificates begin in Fall quarter of each year and follow a four quarter academic calendar. Classes are available on campus as well as through our online program. A Bachelor’s degree is required to apply to the Graduate Certificate program.

    III. Graduate Certificate in Catholic Theology, Level I (16 Credits) **
    1. Fundamental Theology and Biblical Interpretation
    2. Pentateuch
    3. Ecclesiology and Eschatology
    4. Prophets
    5. Synoptic Gospels and Acts
    IV. Graduate Certificate in Catholic Theology, Level II (16 Credits) **
    1. Philosophy and Biblical Interpretation
    2. Historical Books of the Old Testament
    3. Trinity and the Divine Economy
    4. Pauline Epistles
    5. Christology and Soteriology
    V. Graduate Certificate in Catholic Theology, Level III (16 Credits) **
    1. Moral Theology and Spiritual Theology
    2. Liturgical and Sacramental Theology
    3. Johannine Literature and the Apocalypse
    4. Elective I
    5. Elective II