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JPCatholic recognizes how vital internships are for networking and launching a career. Internship experiences are available for credit, and students are encouraged to complete more than one internship while at JPCatholic. Career Services helps students get internships that match their interests and career goals.

Benefits of Internships

The benefits of internships include:

  1. You are exposed to real-world problems and challenges - often not found in textbooks.
  2. You cultivate your adaptability and creativity in a dynamic world.
  3. You increase your marketability to employers. 30% of graduating seniors have job offers before graduation, while after completing an internship - 58% do.
  4. You can evaluate specific companies or specific careers prior to committing to full-time employment.
  5. It can ease your transition from being a student to entering the workforce.
  6. It increases your opportunities within a company for faster advancement and growth.
  7. It builds your self-confidence in the workplace while developing an expanded network.
  8. It facilitate a higher starting salary than non-interns.
  9. It can help fund your college education.
  10. You can get hands-on opportunities to work with equipment that you may not have at JPCatholic.

Internship Quarter

Recognizing the great benefit an internship can bring and the challenge that our year-round schedule places on obtaining an internship outside of San Diego, JPCatholic has instituted a designated internship quarter. The designated internship quarter is the third quarter (Fall) of the student's junior year. During this quarter ONLY the normal housing charge may be waived to accommodate an internship that requires out of area housing arrangements. The class schedule will also be adjusted to minimize the amount of conflict for the student's continuing education, including the ability to take select courses online (normal tuition rates will still apply for those seeking academic credits).

The deadline for informing the Registrar of your intention to take advantage of the internship quarter is July 1st, which will fall in the quarter prior to the start of your internship.

Past Internships have included:

AMC, Sony Online Entertainment, Metanoia Films, Alcon Entertainment, Drive Studios, Yellow Line Media, Motive Entertainment, Hero Pictures, MPower Pictures, Channel 10 San Diego, The Outdoor Channel, Staylor-Made Communications, Bauman Photography, Digital Mint, Cyber Holdings Inc., Bop Design, San Diego Zoo, Global Strategic Management Institute, McFarlane Promotions, Karl Strauss Brewery, ServiceNow, Rey Swimwear, Creative Rhetoric, State Senator Joel Anderson, County of San Diego, Diocese of San Diego, Catholic Exchange, Eclipse Worldwide, InnerDancers, Kirk Jorgensen Campaign, Google Business Photographer, GTC Systems, Indian Paintbrush, Catholic Answers, and more.