Communications Media Program Learning Outcomes

Ethical and spiritual development

  • Students articulate a response to an ethical dilemma they are likely to encounter while working in media, based on a personal code of ethics informed by the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Media knowledge and understanding

  • Students apply the concepts of storytelling, as practiced by the commercial entertainment industry, to create forward-thinking projects that communicate meaning and benefit their audience.
  • Students demonstrate knowledge of specific aspects of media production that are relevant to their area of study.
  • Students analyze media products at various stages of development from multiple points of view for technical and artistic excellence, effectiveness and meaning.

Entrepreneurial orientation & professional focus and development

  • Students identify their specialized interest and value within media, and use the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to be hired by media companies, and, when appropriate to their specialty, analyze the commercial prospects for media products and articulate strategies to take advantage of business opportunities in both traditional and new media.