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The entertainment field is exploding and is changing dramatically because of digital technology and new accessible distribution channels. In the Film Programs at John Paul the Great Catholic University, you'll learn how to make an impact, and be prepared to enter into entertainment with a leading-edge business understanding and media creation skills.


Film / TV Production Curriculum

At JPCatholic, you will learn the art of film production, producing, and screenwriting through action. You'll study your art under seasoned Hollywood professionals, who know what it takes to reach mainstream audiences and are also committed Christians.

JPCatholic combines an outstanding professional education with a solid liberal arts core curriculum. You'll graduate with marketable skills as well as a well-rounded education in Scripture, Catholic theology, philosophy, literature, art, and music.

Directing / Production Emphasis

You’ll jump in head-first in your freshman year and take hands-on classes in every aspect of production (directing, editing, producing, screenwriting, and acting). With the core production skills under your belt, you accelerate in your sophomore year into making a lot of films to get you comfortable with shooting and editing.

By your junior year, you’ll be in a great place to get a significant internship and work on professional commercial projects. JPCatholic strives to bring in production companies to do commercial feature films, which give you a chance to apply for positions on real world projects. As an upperclassman, You'll take your craft to the next level through the advanced production courses and through your senior project experience.

Screenwriting Emphasis

Story is at the heart of our mission as a Catholic school. Stories have an incredible power in opening us to a new way of perceiving reality and in helping us understand important truths with more clarity. To fulfill our mission to Impact Culture for Christ, we teach you to create compelling mainstream movies that can reach wide audiences and bring them closer to truth, beauty, and goodness.

You'll have an outstanding real-world education in the art and business of screenwriting, where you'll create a TV script and get personal mentorship in polishing, pitching, and selling it. The head of the screenwriting program, Chris Riley, managed the script department at Warner Brothers and wrote The Hollywood standard, which is used at most film schools as the authoritative source for screenplay format and style.

Producing Emphasis

If you’re interested in the business side of the entertainment industry, you’ll love our producing concentration. It focuses on the two major challenges in the entertainment industry: finance and distribution. These are the two major shortages in Hollywood, and people who can solve these problems become very valuable.

The curriculum is designed to train you in every aspect of producing a feature film - script development, identifying and cultivating investors, coordinating the actual production (i.e. hiring, casting, budgeting, scheduling), and then marketing and distributing the final product.

Post-Production Emphasis

The Post-Production emphasis focuses specifically on the unique emphasis editing plays in telling a convincing story. It covers both the technical and artistic skills that are necessary to navigate the complex workflow of the post-production world. Students will have the opportunity to work within a variety of genres including short and medium form narrative, commercials, documentaries, webisodes and special effects. The curriculum includes editing, color grading, compositing, sound design and mixing, and various aspects of both visual and special effects.

Post-Production prepares you for film, industrial, television, and commercial production jobs. Successful graduates may find themselves communicating with the tools of storytelling as a film editor, sound effects editor, sound designer, foley artist, sound mixer, color grader or motion graphics artist.

Program Foundations

Passionately Christian Entertainment Professionals

“The cinema, with its vast possibilities, could become a powerful means of evangelization.” - Pope Saint John Paul II

JPCatholic exists for one reason: to Impact Culture for Christ. We’re committed to creating compelling mainstream stories that draw wide audiences closer to Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. You’ll study with peers and under faculty who are all directed to bringing meaningful stories to the screen.

We understand that we must know Christ in our own lives and communities to share Him with the world. Join the Film program to surround yourself with people who are committed to both excellence in their craft and to their faith in Jesus Christ.

Authentically Catholic Formation

At JPCatholic, our commitment to our Catholic identity is paramount. The teachings of Jesus Christ form our foundation, shaping who you become and preparing you to impact culture for Christ. Our liberal arts core curriculum is rooted in a rigorous study of Sacred Scripture, Catholic theology, and the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas.

You will also engage the great books of Western Civilization, the great sacred art and music of the Church, the history of philosophical thought, marriage and family, and Catholic social teaching. Most importantly, you will learn how to integrate your study of Scripture into your prayer life, thus turning your work into an expression of your personal commitment to Christ.

Equipment and Facilities for Pre- to Post-production

Create film sets for your productions on our new soundstage, which is outfitted with a full lighting grid and supporting gear. Our portable equipment for on-location shoots include cameras that shoot in high-definition digital video, and an assortment of lighting and sound equipment.

Watch your masterpiece take shape in our state-of-the-art post-production lab featuring Macintosh editing stations. The editing stations are loaded with an assortment of post-production software that enable you to do picture editing (Adobe Premiere), motion graphics, animation and compositing (After Effects), 3D modeling (Maya), sound editing and design (Adobe Audition), and color grading (DaVinci Resolve). We have everything you need to make your vision a reality.

Production Experience

Get firsthand experience from our veteran faculty

Throughout your freshman and sophomore year, you’re meeting with a mentor, a seasoned Hollywood professional who is passionate about JPCatholic's mission to Impact Culture for Christ.

Your mentor helps you drill down into aspect of production fits you best, and helps you understand your strengths and skill set. The mentor also helps you decide what aspect of the industry you’d like to get into (features, TV, or commercial) and what kinds of company you want to be part of (big studio or smaller independent studio).

Graduate in Three Years

JPCatholic is structured on a year-round quarter system, and you graduate in 12 quarters. Each quarter is ten weeks long.

Internship Experience

You’ll learn a lot from the hands-on coursework, but an internship at a local production company can give you an additional opportunity to grow professionally and make crucial connections. JPCatholic has a great collaboration with local and Hollywood companies.

Our students have interned at companies like Alcon Entertainment (Blindside, Book of Eli), MPower Productions (American Carol, Stoning of Soraya M), Cortez Brothers, and AMC.

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Your Future

Graduates of the Film programs at JPCatholic will pursue careers in all aspects of media and film creation as Screenwriters, Production Professionals, and Producers.

Some will pursue a career in mainstream entertainment, creating projects that bring wide audiences to truth, beauty, and goodness. Others may bring their gifts to specifically Catholic production companies and ministries, or employ their media skills in a wide variety of industries. If this sounds like something you love, apply now to JPCatholic! Generous scholarships are still available.