MBA Costs of Attendance

The MBA in Film Producing program is no longer enrolling new students. The Faculty Senate has voted to begin exploration of specialized, high-impact MFA degrees within the Creative Arts. Read More

Student tuition and room charges are listed in the following tables. All degree programs operate year round. Students are billed quarterly, and payments are due prior to the start of the quarter.

Tuition, housing costs, and parking fees are subject to change.

MBA Tuition & Fees: Students entering through Fall 2019

Minimum Payment Frequency is Quarterly

  Per Quarter (4 total) Program Total Notes
Program Tuition $8,600 $34,400 Refundable.
Commuter Parking Fee $35 $140 Non-refundable.
One Time Fees
  Fee Notes
Enrollment $100 Non-refundable.
Graduation $300 Paid at end of program.

Additional Expenses

  • Laptop: $600–$2,600 (estimates; student must purchase from independent vendors)
  • Annual Books & Supplies: $600 (estimates; student must purchase from independent vendors)
  • JPCatholic does not offer a meal plan; students cook for themselves and/or in community, using the fully furnished apartment kitchens.
  • All living expenses are variable and not payable to the University. For estimates, please evaluate your current cost of living and cost of living indexes. You may also consult the student expense budgets compiled by the California Student Aid Commission expense budgets (based upon averages from the 2006-2007 SEARS survey and adjusted for nine years of inflation or deflation; please see note at the bottom of the expense PDF).


  1. MBA tuition fees cover 15 GRADUATE level units per quarter.
  2. For students taking less or more than 15 GRADUATE level units of credit per quarter, the cost of tuition per 3 units of credit (typically 3 units = 1 class) is $1720. Tuition includes all costs associated with the course, but excludes textbooks.
  3. In addition to tuition & fees, students are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable $100 enrollment fee. This fee is to be paid before the student is enrolled in any class.
  4. MBA students taking less or more than 15 units of credit per quarter will receive a pro-rated bill. The pro-rated amount will be based on the original full course load amount. Their originally granted institutional financial aid will also be pro-rated. The student will receive the proportional amount of scholarship per class they received when taking a 'full' (15 unit) class load.
  5. Minimum Payment Frequency is Quarterly
  6. Late Payment Penalty: All tuition and fee payments are due by 5:00 PM on the Friday before the first day of class. Failure to pay by the required deadline will result in late payment charge of 4%. These penalties will be assessed on the total unpaid balance each quarter on the Friday following the start of classes, one week after the due date. The 4% penalty assessment on delinquent account balances takes place quarterly, on an ongoing basis until the entire outstanding balance is paid in full. If current or past account balances are delinquent, the University reserves the right to un-enroll current students from their classes. Please be aware that students with past-due account balances are not entitled to receive final grades, transcripts, a diploma or certificate, and/or other possible University-provided verifications until the balance is paid in full.
  7. A parking permit issued by the Student Life Office is required for all students with a car. For detailed parking policy, please click herefor detailed parking policy.
  8. JPCatholic does not offer housing to graduate students.
  9. All married students must live off campus.
  10. Exceptions to the above housing policies are rarely granted, but may be petitioned to the Dean of Students.