Key Facts

What degrees are offered?
JPCatholic currently offers two undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree programs and two graduate programs - an MBA and an MA in Biblical Theology. All programs operate on a year round format. Undergraduate students finish their degree program in 3 years, and MA and MBA students in 2 year.

Why call the university after the late Pope John Paul?
The university is a response to the late Pope John Paul II's call to a "new evangelization" using the media - the singular more powerful influence on today's culture - for good and evil. John Paul II, in his John Paul II�s Rapid Development document, called for a formation and participation in the world of media. In his John Paul II�s 2002 World Communications Day address, John Paul II dared "to summon the whole Church bravely to cross this new threshold, to put out into the deep of the Net, so that now as in the past the great engagement of the Gospel and culture may show to the world 'the glory of God on the face of Christ".

JPCatholic forms students by preparing them for a Christ-inspired participation in the world of media.

Why focus on the business of New Media?
The Hollywood monopoly is over: In this digital era, no one is in control--except, in a way, all of us are.... Transmitting video files to consumers over digital broadband connections--whether via cable, phone, satellite, or wireless Wi-Max--changes the whole equation. We'll have smart ways to search for, grab, view, store, organize, and replay what we want--and, often, to modify and share it. We'll get it when, how, and where we want, whether we're watching in our home theaters or on laptops or handheld devices.... We'll create and disseminate our own video entertainment rather than just consume it. And more artists will be able to give us what appeals to our specific interests rather than to the lowest common denominators of society. From Fast Company - 12/05

JPCatholic graduates will build influential businesses in the media, particularly in the field of new media. Its curriculum focuses on the critical components of building a business and its on-campus Lanunch Pad helps to launch them.

Why San Diego?
San Diego is a global center for the development of new media enabling technologies, a center for innovation, and an emerging center for online video gaming and mobile entertainment. It is geographical close to the global media capital of Los Angeles.

What is novel about JPCatholic?
JPCatholic prepares students to "be not afraid" in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world - a new evangelization. Its degree programs provide a radical blending of Catholic spiritual, ethical, moral and social principles, with world-class and cutting-edge creativity and innovation in the culturally influential fields of communications media, media-enabling technology, and business preparing the students to become creators and innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. Faculty are experienced practitioners, with advanced degrees, who are experts in both theory and practice. They provide guidance during the creation of student-inspired entrepreneurial ventures.

What is the spirituality of JPCatholic?
JPCatholic is influenced by the spirituality of St. Ignatius with students being lead to the knowledge and love of God and to the salvation of their souls and blended with the humility, obedience, and simple living of the Gospel without compromise, of St Francis. We follow Francis in his unwillingness to be critical of the Church, choosing rather to love the Church and serve her - renewing the Church by a commitment to personal holiness and constant conversion.

What is the relationship of JPCatholic to the diocese of San Diego?
Bishop Robert Brom, bishop of the diocese of San Diego, has given his consent to include the word Catholic in the name of the university. The diocese of San Diego does not endorse or promote the university, since JPCatholic has an independent Board of Trustees. JPCatholic receives no financial support from the diocese. Bishop Brom nominates a priest of the diocese to represent him on our Board of Trustees.

Will JPCatholic have any association with Religious Orders?
JPCatholic is not align with a particular order and invites various religious orders to visit the University.

Does JPCatholic have Accreditation?
Yes. JPCatholic is accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Read more about our WASC accreditation status.
Read all about our progress toward WASC accreditation.

Are Scholarships, Financial Aid, and on-campus jobs available?
Yes. Students should apply early. Acceptance is independent of their ability to pay. Accepted students may apply for all scholarships, financial aid, and on-campus jobs.

What are JPCatholic's enrollment goals?
The first class had 30 students. After six years, the enrollment is near 190 students. The steady state goal is 1,200 students on-campus and another 800 online after we build a permanent campus. Read more ....

I would like printed material on JPCatholic
Many JPCatholic key documents are here on the web. Please feel free to print and distribute.