At John Paul the Great Catholic University, we’re committed to one mission – to Impact Culture for Christ. We’re shaping leaders for the 21st century with academic excellence, with inspiring and unparalleled innovation, building up an authentic Catholic community and fostering an encounter with the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Why Media, Business, and Humanities? Because each of these culture-impacting fields offers a unique opportunity to bring Christ to our society. And because each of these fields offers unparalleled avenues to shine Beauty, Goodness, and Truth for a culture in need.

Impact Culture through Media

Reach Mainstream Audiences with Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

In his Letter to Artists, Pope Saint John Paul II said that “humanity in every age, and even today, looks to works of art to shed light upon its path and its destiny.” At JPCatholic we’re dedicated to using the power of modern communications and story to inspire positive change within the hearts of the audience. You'll study your craft under seasoned professionals, who know what it takes to reach a wide audience, and are also committed Christians.

Passion and Professionalism

JPCatholic offers a BS degree in Communications Media with areas of emphasis in Screenwriting, Directing, Animation, Game Design, Acting, and an MBA in Film Producing. JPCatholic's degree programs develops your passion past good intentions - we take you to a professional level in your chosen craft. Our curriculum will develop your creative talent, business acumen, and technical expertise, giving you a marketable skill set to make a true impact.

A Hands-on Approach to Education

JPCatholic’s curriculum has a strong focus on applied learning. To prepare you for the rigors of a professional production environment, you begin the mastery of your craft as soon as you arrive on campus. Our small class sizes, project-based learning, and rigorous curriculum will give you the tools to graduate as a competent professional with an impressive portfolio.

Impact Culture through Business

A Catholic Business Education

Business leaders wield tremendous influence in shaping our society. At JPCatholic, you’ll be formed to lead and impact culture positively in an ever-evolving 21st century business environment. You’ll learn not only how to make a profit, but how to do so in a way that reflects Catholic Social Teaching, upholding the dignity of employees and customers.

Hands-on, Accelerated Degree

JPCatholic’s program boasts small class sizes and a heavy emphasis on applied learning. Faculty who were executives and business owners lead you through the complexities of the global economy, and prepare you for a career in marketing, sales, management, and entrepreneurship.

Launch your Company

What better way to learn about business creation than by building your own company with your peers? In our Business Launchpad, you receive personal mentorship from faculty who have actually built companies. Building a company is a risky endeavor, and the Launchpad provides a safe environment for you to work towards making your idea a reality. Whether or not you continue with your company after graduation, the experience of applying all of your business education in building your real company steeps you in the concepts you're learning in the classroom.

Impact Culture through Humanities

Christ at the Center

In order to impact culture for Christ, you must first know Christ. JPCatholic combines an outstanding professional education with a solid Humanities core curriculum. Undergraduate students take a rich lineup of courses in Scripture, Catholic theology, philosophy, literature, art, and music.

Theology and Philosophy

In our Theology and Philosophy, you will study the deepest, most important questions about where we come from and where we are going. Theology, as faith seeking understanding, is the study of the revealed Word of God in history, which comes to human beings first in Israel and then in the person of Jesus Christ.

Catholic Intellectual Tradition

In our Humanities, you study ideas, art, and culture using the great texts and great works of Western civilization as a foundation, but will enter into them actively, integrating the human powers of memory, imagination, and reason and educating the emotions and passions.

How Will You Impact?

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