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The Personal Plan for Success is based on Pope John Paul the Great's four pillars of Christian formation and serves as roadmap for each student's formation during their time at JPCatholic. Each student will create their own Personal Plan for Success. The essential elements of this formation plan are:


To impact culture for Christ, students should reflect the beauty and virtue of Christ himself. Within their Plan, the student will articulate their personal commitment and outline their steps to develop their human qualities. These human qualities include:

  • I. Creativity and Innovation

    Students are expected to develop and eventually master the ability to put creativity and innovation into practice. These skills will be developed in certain classes that each major takes, culminating with a senior project or practicum. Students will also have the opportunity to bring these skills outside of the classroom and into the community through projects, employment, internships, volunteer work, etc.

  • II. Prudence, Discipline, & Responsibility

    Students are expected to exercise good judgment and common sense, as well as supernatural prudence and discernment. Best practices include:

    1. Reflect on the appropriateness of your appearance, language and behavior.
    2. Avoid activities that may undermine the practice of virtue, degrade the dignity of the human person, give scandal/offense to others, or tempt you/others to sin.
    3. Ask for help right away when you are experiencing confusion, conflict, or poor academic performance.
    4. Communicate with your roommates and keep them appropriately informed of your whereabouts.
    5. Observe all public safety policies and procedures.
    6. Be a good fiscal steward. Create a reasonable budget and monitor expenses to ensure that you stay within budget.
  • III. Time Management/Schedule for Success

    Good use of time and the ability to lead a balanced life is crucial to both professional and personal success. Best practices include:

    1. Create a Schedule that will help you manage your time.
    2. Be a person of your word. If you make a commitment, ensure that you can fulfill it.
    3. Be well-balanced. Make sure you create time for physical, spiritual, and social development as well as academic and professional pursuits.
    4. Sample PPS Calendar
  • IV. Career Development

    Preparing for a career is a process that starts when a student enters JPCatholic and intensifies as the student progresses. Students are encouraged early on to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop needed skills. By the time a student is a junior or senior, they should have focused on a desired industry and certain position(s) within that industry and developed a career plan to reach this goal. The plan will often include an updated resume, attendance at networking events or on networking internet sites, and an internship or part-time job in the desired field.


To impact culture for Christ, students should come to know and love Jesus Christ and his church. Spiritual formation requires prayer, obedience, and sacrifice. Each student in their Personal Plan for Success will articulate individual commitments toward spiritual formation. In addition, there is an expectation that students at JPCatholic will support and strengthen the community of faithful at JPCatholic. This includes attending on-campus mass and adoration.


To impact culture for Christ, students should rise above mediocrity in academic performance. Students are to see their studies as a vocation from God, and the primary duty of each day. They will endeavor to make great sacrifices to ensure that they reach their intellectual potential. Each student in their Personal Plan for Success shall articulate commitments toward intellectual formation. Unless otherwise noted in class syllabi, students are expected to attend all classes and participate in class discussions. Students are expected to spend two hours in personal study for every one hour in class. Students falling below a cumulative GPA of 3.0 will lose a portion of institutional financial aid. Students are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. Failure to do so will result in academic probation and possible academic disqualification.


To impact culture for Christ, a student must acquire the skills and attitudes necessary to effectively communicate the truth to the world. The mission of JPCatholic University, namely, to shape innovators and creators, leaders and entrepreneurs at the intersections of business, theology, and communications media, requires that students move beyond merely passing grades and satisfactory performance. Students must come to love souls, and to desire for culture what Christ himself desires. This takes passion, commitment and hard work. Formation for mission involves not only practical and technical skills, but also the desire that 'everyone be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth' (1 Tim 2:4). Students should learn to work in communion with one another in the Church, recognizing the gifts that each one brings to the Body of Christ. Each student in their Personal Plan for Success shall articulate commitments toward formation for impact and identify specific projects that reflect this impact. Students who consistently demonstrate a negative attitude, a divisive spirit, or a lack of motivation do not desire a JPCatholic education and will be asked to withdraw from the institution.

Personal Plan for Success materials:

  1. Personal Plan for Success Self-Evaluation Form: Word | PDF
  2. Career Plan Template
  3. Academic Advisor Change Request Form