Student Life

JPCatholic students form a close-knit community that is spiritually, socially and athletically active. The campus culture challenges students to discover who Jesus Christ is and encourages them to search for the ways in which they are called to serve the Lord in their future professional careers. It challenges students to think and make decisions about their community, world and future informed and guided by the light of Christ.

Students live in apartments close to the classroom facility, and close to many sports and entertainment facilities.

Students prepare their own meals with many students sharing in the responsibility.

Students participate in a wide array of activities in their residential community, and have available to them the many social, cultural and recreational opportunities offered in the greater San Diego region. Students build new clubs and engage in out-of-class activities that allow them to learn and grow personally.

Student Life, which oversees and coordinates all students programs and services, is committed to the development of the whole student by offering opportunities and services to support, challenge and empower students in becoming pillars of Christian truth in a pluralistic society.

Campus Open Hours:

155 W Grand
Monday-Sunday: 8am-12pm

200 and 220 W Grand
Monday-Friday: Normal business hours
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED