Fellow Lectures to Student

What is the Visiting Fellows Program?

JPCatholic’s Visiting Fellows Program (VFP) assists prominent professionals to visit campus and to engage our students and faculty in the probing of the relevant complex issues of our times. Fellows will eagerly and willingly make available their expertise through the sharing of their experiential insights and the leading of conversations with our students and faculty across our academic disciplines: the Cinematic and Visual Arts and Business.

Provide a deeper understanding of the world beyond our campus walls

Spark interdisciplinary inquiry and discourse

Foster great conversations and inspire interactions

Who can be a Visiting Fellow?

We welcome applications for Visiting Fellows from prominent professionals in the cinematic and visual arts, and in business, who have deep expertise and can lead students and faculty in substantive and meaningful dialogue. Fellows are selected for their notable real-world professional expertise, their senior academic and administrative leadership, and their personal enthusiasm for the vision and mission of JPCatholic. Fellows will have a strong interest in interacting with and listening to our students and faculty, and experiencing the Christ-centered campus culture.

As a Catholic institution dedicated to impacting culture for Christ, JPCatholic has an obligation to create an environment where realistic and robust conversations about our contemporary cultural issues occur. Visiting Fellows must share our universal Christ-centered values that motivate us to live and work with the utmost integrity and respect for the human dignity of all.

What do Visiting Fellows do?

Visiting Fellows will help build JPCatholic’s institutional strength, shore up our areas of weakness, explore and develop new program opportunities, and contribute to broadening our interdisciplinary pursuits.

Fellows are invited to offer campus-wide lectures, host subject matter specific workshops, co-teach a class session or seminar, and participate in other relevant campus events. Some of these events can include business pitch competitions and feature film story pitches.

Visits can be on our regularly scheduled Fellows Forums in late February and mid-August, or on a day mutually suitable to the Fellow and our community.

What are the values of being a Visiting Fellow?

The opportunity to contribute your time and talent by supporting and mentoring students
Being a part of our mission to integrate creative arts and business innovation in impacting culture for Christ
Networking with peer Fellows during Fellows Forums.
Access to our faculty and student expertise

How to Become a Visiting Fellow

If you are interested in the Visiting Fellows Program, please email a CV or LinkedIn profile link to the Program Coordinator, Ken Sharrar, at ksharrar@jpcatholic.edu. Ken will follow up with an in-person or Zoom interview.

Ken Sharrar
Visiting Fellows Program Coordinator