Student Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs and organizations at JPCatholic are an important part of student life on campus. Through joining one of our many clubs or organizations on campus, students gain valuable leadership experience, put on a variety of social events, and build longlasting friendships with fellow students who share the same interests. You can find the contact info for various clubs below, and if you would like to launch a new club or organization simply fill out this form and deliver it to the Directors of Student Life.

Student Leadership Organizations

Student Government

President: Joseph Ogawa
Vice President: John Vasquez

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Clubs & Organizations

Club Coordinator: Joseph Ogawa

Anime Club

Student Leader: Andrew Inoue

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Art Club

Student Leader: Josh Martin

Brothers of the Fiat

Student Leader: Alec Williams

Crocheting Club

Student Leader: Gabby Moore

DND Club

Student Leader: Yasameen Janfada

Film Club

Student Leader: Maria Gajdosik and Katie Gerlach

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The Frassati Hiking Club

Student Leaders: Maria Gajdosik & Katie Gerlach

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Gaming Club

Student Leaders: Andrew Inoue & Erik Arvidson

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Photography Club

Student Leader: Mark Westin

Pro Life Club

Student Leader: Bernadette Timson

Swing Dance Club

Student Leader: Mia Schaller

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Writing Club

Student Leader: John Vasques and Jacqueline Cyr

Want to start a club?

Just fill out this form and deliver it to Jason Patterson ( or Cassidy Van Vooren (