Academic Openings

JPCatholic seeks a full-time Chair and Professor of Fashion Design to build the university’s new fashion program and academic department. The ideal candidate will have: an entrepreneurial mindset; an extensive knowledge and experience in fashion design; and most importantly a strong commitment to the ethos of the university. A terminal degree (MFA, MBA, or PhD) or its equivalent in fashion design or a closely related field is required.

The program will teach students the history of and contemporary trends across the global fashion industry, its technical underpinnings, and the practical applications. The degree program will prepare future designers to launch their careers in the fashion industry and this will require deep connections with the global fashion industry.

The ideal candidate will have:

  1. Concept development and innovation expertise as well as broad technical design knowledge. They will understand product development from 2-D concept to 3-D design, and have a proficiency in CAD fashion-design software and production. They will have a broad knowledge of the elements of developing a collection and the creative uses of materials and textiles. Knowledge of the various manufacturing processes is highly desirable.
  2. A lived commitment to personal and professional integrity. You will have proven leadership skills with the ability to work with, motivate and mentor students and faculty of diverse backgrounds.
  3. While university-level teaching experience is desirable but not required - you will have a strong desire to teach. The desire to develop and deliver industry relevant and mission aligned curriculum is critical.
  4. Department administration responsibilities will include:
    • Working with our Admission team to recruit talented students to the fashion program.
    • Overseeing the annual budget process.
    • Scheduling classes, hiring faculty and conducting faculty evaluations through classroom observations, student evaluations, their service and professional development commitments, and their contributions to the department goals.
    • Fostering interdepartmental collaboration and enhancing the reputation of JPCatholic.
    • Aligning the for the department’s strategic plan with JPCatholic’s overall strategic goals.

Duties of the Associate Registrar:

  1. Implement the University’s transfer credit policy
  2. Manage the timely evaluation of transfer credit, including:
    • Collaborate with academic departments and faculty.
    • Collaborate with the Admissions Department and work with them to bring in transfer students
    • Communicate with prospective students and applicants & answer transfer questions
  3. Manage and generate articulation agreements & transfer pathways with community and other/private colleges where appropriate
  4. Advise current students on their quarterly schedules and long-term path to graduation
  5. Acquire a deep understanding of university policy, curriculum, and the student information system (SIS)
  6. Maintain accurate records both digital (SIS) and physical (student files)
  7. Assist the registrar in administrative tasks, including:
    • Implementing quarterly tasks in the SIS
    • Organizing & filing documents into student files
    • Data collection & reporting
    • Distributing grades, schedules, reports, and other information to both students and faculty

Manage all aspects of video production for marketing video and branded video content, primarily for admissions efforts but also for development projects requiring video content.

    • Take initiative to develop pitches for new projects based on relevant institutional needs and gaps in current video content offering
    • Coordinate with marketing team to develop new ideas for videos
    • Reach out to students, professors, and alumni to feature them in projects
    • Pre-interview students, professors, and alumni who will be featured in projects
    • Create outlines for projects
    • Create interview questions for interviews
    • Coordinate equipment, set dec, and location for b-roll shoots, interview shoots, and other film shoots
    • Manage setup and take down of lighting, sound, camera, and set dec
    • Ensure that talent is comfortable and at ease on set
    • Interview talent or assign student workers to interview talent
    • Manage the scheduling of time on set to ensure that the talent's time is respected
    • Backup data from film shoots to 155 Server archive and working drives
    • Organize all data (recorded media files, project files, exports, and any miscellaneous assets for video post production)
    • Create script cuts of interview footage, rough cuts, secondary cuts, mix sound, color grade footage, create or manage the creation of motion graphics, create end screen cards, polish and export cuts for distribution on multiple platforms
    • Coordinate with other members of the marketing team to distribute video content to social media platforms and
    • Create compelling titles and descriptions for videos
    • Create subtitles for videos (if applicable)
    • Create compelling and well designed thumbnails for a variety of platforms - YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and various web formats
    • Manage the organization and upkeep of audio and video equipment
    • Train and supervise student workers in the development of marketing video and branded video content
    • Manage the scheduling of the production and distribution of videos, create internal deadlines for completing each particular video, move deadlines as necessary based on the progress of each project
    • Collaborate with marketing team to develop marketing strategies and materials to more effectively communicate JPCatholic's brand and value proposition
    • Collaborate with the marketing team to create ancillary content such as podcasts, video events, and audio ads for radio and podcasts


JPCatholic is a lay run Roman Catholic institution with a primary focus on shaping future creators and innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs within a faith-filled Catholic campus environment. Our faculty and staff passionately support the mission and vision of the University; they transmit that passion to our students, and seek to Impact Culture for Christ. Our students have the opportunity to acquire a deep and personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. Catholic ethical, moral, and social values provide a guiding compass for everything we do. Our academic vision is to create a extraordinary university for students through degree programs in the Creative Arts and Business Innovation.

Please read our campus security report and disclosure information.


Send your resume/CV and a cover letter to Anna Velasco, Director of HR, at or to: 220 W. Grand Ave, Escondido, CA 92025. In your cover letter, you should explicitly detail how you will support the mission of the University, why you are well suited for the position, and explain your competence and commitment. Your resume should detail your professional experience as it matches the position requirements described above. Review of applications will continue until the position is filled. Interviews and hiring dates are budget and student enrollment dependent. Please carefully read and understand our expectations with respect to fidelity to and respect for the teachings of the Catholic Church here.

JPCatholic is committed to creating an atmosphere that values human diversity. Equal employment opportunities shall be afforded to all individuals with respect to compensation and privileges of employment, benefits, and separation, as well as all other terms and conditions of employment.

John Paul the Great Catholic University strives to hire and promote the best-qualified individuals, and background and reference checks are an important part of these processes. When a background or reference check is needed with respect to hiring or other employment decisions, JPCatholic conducts such checks in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws. JPCatholic will make a conditional offer of employment prior to a background check being conducted. Failure to satisfactorily complete the background check may affect the employment of a person who was conditionally offered the position.