Job Openings

John Paul the Great Catholic University (JPCatholic) seeks to hire a principled and experienced industry professional to serve as a Professor of Acting for the Screen.

JPCatholic is a small, mission-driven, niche university focused on the formation of students in the Creative Arts and Business Innovation and preparing them to Impact Culture for Christ. It has an applied, interdisciplinary approach to higher education, scholarship, and creativity. JPCatholic’s 2025 Strategic Plan has holistic student formation and the fostering a culture of excellence in creativity & innovation as key strategic priorities. The former demands a unified, whole person (spiritual, intellectual, and human) formation process, which provides students with the opportunity to encounter Jesus, who is Truth, Beauty, and Goodness within a rigorous and experiential learning environment.

The ideal candidate will have a deep empathy and sensitivity for the needs and challenges of students within our creative environment, along with an understanding of the challenges facing young Catholics today. She/he will be highly organized and have a strong desire for our institutional efficiency and effectiveness in serving students. Being adept at embracing software productivity tools is a huge plus.

Note: This full-time exempt position will involve working evenings and alternate weekends during the 40-weeks/year, which students are on-campus. Your 40-hour work week will be Sunday thru’ Thursday or Tuesday thru’ Saturday.

At JPCatholic, students learn by doing and are taught by experienced industry professionals. The ideal candidate has significant TV and Film Acting experience as well the capability to teach, motivate, and inspire student actors on the unique techniques and challenges of film and TV. She/he will have deep knowledge of current trends for acting on the screen. A working knowledge of on-set film equipment and the real-world working environments is required. You must love to teach, mentor, and transform student’s lives. Applicants must be strongly committed to excellence in teaching, honed from personal performing experience on a professional level, and pedagogy of college level teaching.

The ideal candidate is a practicing and committed Catholic who will embrace our unique vision of Catholic higher education, advance our mission, and successfully implement our 2025 strategic priorities.


As Professor of Acting for the Screen, you will:

  • Teach a breath of Acting courses utilizing sound pedagogical methods and appropriate instructional strategies to students with diverse needs to meet learning objectives.
  • Participate in the development, assessment, and evaluation of student learning outcomes.
  • Use available instructional technologies to enrich and facilitate student learning.
  • Provide prompt feedback on student assignments; evaluate student performance fairly and consistently; assign grades and maintain course/student records in accordance with JPCatholic policies and procedures; submit grades following procedures by established deadlines.
  • Be available on-campus to students to answer questions and provide encouragement and assistance in completing course assignments and projects; meet scheduled meeting and office hours as established for assigned courses; maintain a flexible schedule to meet student needs.
  • Refer students to other faculty or campus resources to resolve problems/issues beyond the purview of faculty.
  • Maintain accurate and complete course records as required by JPCatholic policies and procedures; record student; submit attendance and other records by required deadlines.
  • Provide leadership for our Acting for Screen program curriculum.
  • Inspire and unite our Screen Acting students around our mission and core values and witness to the virtues that are central to the formation of students to Impact Culture for Christ and that are necessary to foster a learning community that loves in action and truth.
  • Encourage creativity among our Acting faculty, across campus, foster collaboration, and consensus-building, and strive to fully integrate knowledge through interdisciplinary intellectual engagement among faculty and students to deliver a rigorous and robust intellectual formation.
  • Attract and mentor adjunct faculty.
  • Be a proactive advocate for students
    1. Empathizing with the challenges they face today.
    2. Promoting effective lines of communication and serve as a strong advocate for their academic, curricular, and co-curricular needs.
    3. Providing encouragement and resources while removing barriers to their success.
    4. Enabling opportunities for service to the campus, local, national and global communities.
  • Support WSCUC accreditation and all other regulatory requirement.
  • Stay abreast of the issues and trends currently facing Catholic higher education.
  • Build, shepherd and strengthen JPCatholic partnerships with the Acting community.
  • Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as required.
  • Report to the Chair of the Communications Media Department, Prof. George Simon.
  • Complete other tasks and duties as assigned.


  • A practicing and committed Catholic who can witness your personal encounter with Jesus Christ to others without using words.
  • A strong affinity for JPCatholic’s mission and its role in higher education, a passion and ability to advance it, and the courage to lead consistent with that mission.
  • MFA or other master’s degree, or higher, is required, along with professional Acting experience.
  • A strong desire to teach and a passion for helping students.
  • Strong communication [listening, speaking and writing] skills.
  • An optimist with a sense of humor, who is approachable, transparent, and empathetic.
  • An interest in the writings of Pope St John Paul the Great and their relevance to the challenges in our contemporary culture.
  • NOTE: You will live proximate to JPCatholic’s campus and will be present and available on-campus everyday while classes are in session

  • John Paul the Great Catholic University (JPCatholic) is seeking to hire an inspirational, organized, energetic, and collaborative Residential Life Director. He/she will work alongside our Dean of Students and VP of Administration to provide leadership and management support to our Residential Life team, which includes 2 full-time Residence Directors (RD’s) and to our Campus Life student team (CLT). The position reports to our Dean of Students.

    The ideal candidate will have a deep empathy and sensitivity for the needs and challenges of students within our creative environment, along with an understanding of the challenges facing young Catholics today. She/he will be highly organized and have a strong desire for our institutional efficiency and effectiveness in serving students. Being adept at embracing software productivity tools is a huge plus.

    Note: This full-time exempt position will involve working evenings and alternate weekends during the 40-weeks/year, which students are on-campus. Your 40-hour work week will be Sunday thru’ Thursday or Tuesday thru’ Saturday.

    Essential Duties and Responsibilities

    The successful candidate will:

    • Provide the management and leadership to create a residential environment that leads to the spiritual, human, and intellectual success of the whole student body.
    • Direct our CLT in implementing residential activities
    • Be a proactive catalyst and leader in promoting student responsibility within the student residences thru’ the residential life team.
    • Continually assess processes to streamline and improves efficiencies and effectiveness
    • Support and abide with all policies, regulations, and guidelines of JPCatholic
    • Be an appropriate role model for students.
    • Complete other tasks and duties as assigned.

    You will oversee the delivery of the following critical residential student services:

    • Emergency response management
    • Regular Room Checks
    • Our RoomChoice student residence management portal
    • Residential contracts - new and renewals
    • Mid-quarter room changes
    • Residential complex maintenance issues using an internet portal
    • Access keys and fobs as well as lost fob and key replacements
    • Student move-in process - major Fall move-in and off-quarter for transfer students
    • Student move-out process
    • Emotional support animal requests
    • New student orientation - major Fall event and smaller off-quarter events
    • Campus-wide parking

    Qualifications and Skills

  • A practicing and committed Catholic with a strong affinity for our mission, a passion and ability to advance it, and the courage to perform consistent with that mission.
  • A bachelor’s degree with some post-graduation experience in inspiring and directing young adults.
  • Ability to witness your personal encounter with Jesus Christ to others without words.
  • A working knowledge of standard office software tools and the ability to learn new software tools.
  • Ability and creativity to achieve key results with limited resources.
  • A strong commitment to a culture of evidence and accountability.
  • Eagerness to develop collaborative relationships with staff and faculty.
  • Strong communication [listening, speaking, and writing] skills.
  • Optimism, approachability, transparency, empathy, and a sense of humor.

  • JPCatholic is accepting applications for an energetic, mission-driven student recruiter who will specialize in visit coordination and event planning. The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills and have the capacity to communicate JPCatholic's mission with passion to prospective students, their parents and college counselors. Student recruitment requires frequent travel for college fairs, high school and parish visits, extensive phone work, coordinating on-campus student visits, coordinating University Day events, and a proactive dedication to identifying and implementing diverse recruiting and awareness strategies. The ideal candidate must work collaboratively and have a strong work ethic. He/she will quickly learn InfusionSoft - the primary CRM tool used for student recruitment at JPCatholic.

    Qualifications and Skills

    • Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in the Creative Arts, Business or Humanities
    • A practicing and committed Catholic with a passion for JPCatholic’s vision and mission
    • Enjoys talking with future students on the phone and sharing their passion for JPCatholic and its mission
    • Exhibits meticulous attention to detail
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, especially in listening
    • Sales experience and a demonstrable ability to close is required
    • Ability to communicate JPCatholic’s value proposition to potential students and their parents
    • Strong organizational and communication skills
    • Ability to coordinate successful visits involving prospective students, parents, current students, and professors
    • Ability to speak Spanish is preferred but not required

    John Paul the Great Catholic University (JPCatholic) is accepting applications for a Financial Aid Counselor. The ideal candidate will have strong attention to detail and interpersonal skills, and have the capacity to assist and counsel prospective and current students in regards to all aid programs. This will include (but is not limited to) Federal aid, institutional aid, Veterans benefits, private loans, private scholarships, and State aid. They will assist in heading institutional compliance and financial literacy efforts. Financial aid requires extensive attention to detail and the ability to work collaboratively both with students and their families and internal staff and faculty, while implementing policies and procedures that comply with all necessary regulations.

    Example of Duties


    • Assist students and their parents with questions regarding the various programs and application processes
    • Maintain current information in files, Student Information System (Blackbaud), and financial aid system (Regent)
    • Assist with financial literacy workshops for current students
    • Maintain list of private scholarships
    • Certify private loans via ScholarNet
    • Certify students to VA
    • Assist with IPEDs & Common Data Set reporting, as needed
    • Assist with internal reporting, as necessary
    • Assist in reviewing University Catalog, website and other documentation for consistency and accuracy
    • Any other tasks, as assigned

    Institutional Aid:

    • Create folders and prepare applications for the Financial Aid Committee
    • Create and send award letters to students
    • Schedule scholarships for billing

    Title IV Aid:

    • Maintain spreadsheet of prospective students and outstanding tasks; follow up to acquire any missing items
    • Compile a spreadsheet with rosters and students, follow up with professors for attendance at beginning of quarter or as needed
    • Maintain accurate record of EFA (Estimated Financial Assistance) in Regent by preparing uploads on a regular basis
    • Assist with preparing SBL uploads (student, program, course, attendance, grade, and SAP information) as needed
    • Annual review of files to verify high school/undergraduate completion
    • Review required consumer information on an annual basis to ensure meeting regulations
    • Send annual disclosure notice to all applicable students, staff, and faculty

    Essential Qualifications and Skills

    • Ability to work effectively within Catholic Christian environment/buy in to University mission to ‘Impact Culture for Christ’
    • Bachelor’s Degree or significant experience working in a higher education setting
    • Exhibits meticulous attention to detail
    • Excellent written and oral communication skills: email, phone, in-person meetings, presentations, and other business writing
    • Demonstrates ability to plan, organize, and multitask in a fast-paced and frequently changing environment

    Preferred Qualifications and Skills

    • Bachelor’s Degree in the area of Business/Finance/Law
    • Two or more years of experience in financial aid at a post-secondary institution
    • Knowledge of Federal and state practices and policies
    • Spanish fluency (ability to advise students/parents regarding sometimes technical financial aid information)
    • Experience with NSLDS enrollment reporting
    • Experience administering Cal Grant program
    • Experience with Blackbaud Student Information System

    Note:This is full-time position. We are open to applicants interested in half-time positions.


    JPCatholic is a lay run Roman Catholic institution with a primary focus on shaping future creators and innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs within a faith-filled Catholic campus environment. Our faculty and staff passionately support the mission and vision of the University; they transmit that passion to our students, and seek to Impact Culture for Christ. Our students have the opportunity to acquire a deep and personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. Catholic ethical, moral, and social values provide a guiding compass for everything we do. Our academic vision is to create a extraordinary university for students through degree programs in the Creative Arts and Business Innovation.

    Please read our campus security report and disclosure information.


    Send your resume/CV and a cover letter to Anna Velasco, Director of HR, at or to: 220 W. Grand Ave, Escondido, CA 92025. In your cover letter, you should explicitly detail how you will support the mission of the University, why you are well suited for the position, and explain your competence and commitment. Your resume should detail your professional experience as it matches the position requirements described above. Review of applications will continue until the position is filled. Interviews and hiring dates are budget and student enrollment dependent. Please carefully read and understand our expectations with respect to fidelity to and respect for the teachings of the Catholic Church here.

    JPCatholic is committed to creating an atmosphere that values human diversity. Equal employment opportunities shall be afforded to all individuals with respect to compensation and privileges of employment, benefits, and separation, as well as all other terms and conditions of employment.

    John Paul the Great Catholic University strives to hire and promote the best-qualified individuals, and background and reference checks are an important part of these processes. When a background or reference check is needed with respect to hiring or other employment decisions, JPCatholic conducts such checks in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws. JPCatholic will make a conditional offer of employment prior to a background check being conducted. Failure to satisfactorily complete the background check may affect the employment of a person who was conditionally offered the position.