Job Openings

John Paul the Great Catholic University (JPCatholic) seeks an inspirational, collaborative, and experienced leader to serve as its Director of Formation for Mission.

At JPCatholic, holistic student formation is a top priority. It requires a unified, whole person (spiritual, intellectual, human, and apostolic) formation process, which provides students with the opportunity to encounter Jesus, who is Truth, Beauty, and Goodness within a rigorous and experiential learning environment. Core to our campus environment are an enthusiastic teaching faculty and staff who possess and witness the virtues necessary to “love in action and truth.” They are central to the formation of students to Impact Culture for Christ—readying them to engage the world for Christ. We prepare students in our curricular and co-curricular activities to connect and engage with our community, locally and globally, and with a commitment of thinking beyond self and placing a high value on service.

The Director of Formation for Mission will play an important role in student formation. She/he will be instrumental in nurturing a campus environment, which seeks to create the conditions for the possibility of students to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, as well as to promote and witness the living of virtuous lives. These goals will guide the enrichment of our co-curricular experience, the student’s deep engagement in the life of the campus and the community, and in student success broadly defined. She/he will take charge of the “Apostolic” or “Impact” pillar of student formation in all of its aspects as directed in the formation plan of the Dean of Students. A large part of this role will be guiding students through one on one’s to grow deeply in love with the Universities’ mission statement to Impact Culture for Christ first of all on campus and then outwards to the community.

The ideal candidate will have deep knowledge and experience of the spiritual and human formation process within a creative environment, along with a deep understanding of the challenges facing students today.

The Director of Formation for Mission, which is a 75% [30 hours per week] position, will be part of the Student Life team which includes the Director of Student Success, the University Chaplain, the University Mental Health Counselor, and the Dean of Students. The Director of Formation for Mission reports directly to the Dean of Students who is responsible for the formation of students on campus. This team oversees student safety and conduct, crisis response, student life activities, student engagement, co-curricular activities and event programming, student government, student clubs, recreational sports, coordination of new student orientation, as well as miscellaneous housing administrative functions such as noise and parking management and enforcement.


  • A practicing and committed Catholic with a strong affinity for JPCatholic’s mission, a passion and ability to advance it, and the courage to lead consistent with that mission;
  • Ability to witness your personal encounter with Jesus Christ to others without words;
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Communications Media, Business or Humanities, along with significant experience in formation from which you will have developed a deep knowledge of holistic student formation principles and best practices.
  • Progressively responsible experience in student spiritual and apostolic formation;
  • Experience in mentoring and developing student leaders;
  • A strong commitment to a culture of evidence and accountability;
  • Strong advocacy skills for proper role of student formation within JPCatholic;
  • Eagerness to develop collaborative relationships with faculty and staff;
  • Strong communication [listening, speaking and writing] skills;
  • Optimism, approachability, transparency, empathy, and a sense of humor.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Director of Formation for Mission, which is a 75% [30 hours per week] position, will:

  • Manage the effective delivery of essential student services in regards to the apostolic pillar of formation.
  • Be a proactive catalyst to leverage the many gifts and talents of our JPCatholic community in service to both the campus and local communities.
  • Be a proactive catalyst for student success through encouragement and the removal of barriers.
  • Continually assess the achievement of goals set by the Dean of Students through guiding work effort toward desired outcomes.
  • Promote effective lines of communication with student leaders and serve as a strong advocate for the non-academic, extra-curricular, and co-curricular needs of students.
  • Remains competent and current through self-directed professional reading, developing professional contacts with colleagues, attending professional development courses, and attending training and/or courses as required.
  • Handle minor conduct issues enabling the discipline process to serve as personal growth and an educational tool.
  • Complete other tasks and duties as assigned.

JPCatholic's School of Visual Arts is seeking an Adjunct Professor of 2D Animation to teach animation, rigging, and storyboarding using Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro. Applicants must provide a link to their professional portfolio/reel.

Responsibilities include

  • Course initial development and continuous improvement.
  • Collaborating with department faculty in the curriculum implementation.
  • Student support.
  • Maintaining regular office hours outside of instructional time.
  • Participating in course outcomes assessments.
  • Maintaining up-to-date industry knowledge.

Qualifications and Skills

. Applicants must
  • Be currently professionally active in the animation industry.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro.
  • Have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree and two years of professional experience, OR any associate degree and five years or professional experience, OR the equivalent.

JPCatholic is a Catholic university. Applicants to this position are not required to be Catholic, but they must respect and not teach against the mission of the University.


JPCatholic is a lay run Roman Catholic institution with a primary focus on shaping future creators and innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs within a faith-filled Catholic campus environment. Our faculty and staff passionately support the mission and vision of the University; they transmit that passion to our students, and seek to Impact Culture for Christ. Our students have the opportunity to acquire a deep and personal knowledge of Jesus Christ. Catholic ethical, moral, and social values provide a guiding compass for everything we do. Our academic vision is to create a extraordinary university for students through degree programs in the Creative Arts and Business Innovation.

Please read our campus security report and disclosure information.


Send your resume/CV and a cover letter to Anna Velasco, Vice President of HR, at or to: 220 W. Grand Ave, Escondido, CA 92025. In your cover letter, you should explicitly detail how you will support the mission of the University, why you are well suited for the position, and explain your competence and commitment. Your resume should detail your professional experience as it matches the position requirements described above. Review of applications will continue until the position is filled. Interviews and hiring dates are budget and student enrollment dependent. Please carefully read and understand our expectations with respect to fidelity to and respect for the teachings of the Catholic Church here.

JPCatholic is committed to creating an atmosphere that values human diversity. Equal employment opportunities shall be afforded to all individuals with respect to compensation and privileges of employment, benefits, and separation, as well as all other terms and conditions of employment.

John Paul the Great Catholic University strives to hire and promote the best-qualified individuals, and background and reference checks are an important part of these processes. When a background or reference check is needed with respect to hiring or other employment decisions, JPCatholic conducts such checks in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws. JPCatholic will make a conditional offer of employment prior to a background check being conducted. Failure to satisfactorily complete the background check may affect the employment of a person who was conditionally offered the position.