Academic Programs

BS in Communications Media

Our Bachelor of Science in Communications Media offers many areas of emphasis, preparing students for creative careers in industries such as film, television, animation, game development, and graphic design. Our hands-on approach starts in the freshman year, giving students an abundance of project-based opportunities to hone their craft and build their portfolios.

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BS in Business

Our Business programs offer a hands-on approach to business, combining fundamental business principles with a focus on creativity and innovation. Our curriculum prepares students to create, manage, and grow companies spanning from small businesses to large corporations and non-profit organizations. Students interested in entrepreneurship can bring together all they have learned in our Business LaunchPad sequence which gives them professional mentorship to ideate, nurture, and launch a real company.

While the Business core offers a solid foundation in principles of management, marketing, sales, finance, and entrepreneurship, students have the option to specialize their focus by selecting from three emphases:

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BA in Humanities

The Humanities are concerned with the study of the human condition, with what human beings think, do, and make. This study flows especially through art and culture, but also politics, philosophy, and theology. At JPCatholic, a Humanities major will not only study ideas, art, and culture using the great texts and great works of Western civilization as a foundation, but will enter into them actively, integrating the human powers of memory, imagination, and reason, and educating the emotions and passions.

We offer several emphases within our Humanities degree, giving students the chance to integrate this study into various artistic and academic pursuits:

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A minor gives a student the ability pursue a competency outside of their degree program without having to fulfill all of the degree requirements of a double-major. For more information on the difference between minors, double majors, and double emphases, please click here.

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Program Learning Outcomes

JPCatholic is committed to the success of all our students. This includes setting and assessing learning outcomes for the institution and each program, as well as monitoring retention and graduation rates for all students.

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