JPCatholic’s strategic location in Southern California is an important component of the education, particularly for students pursuing a career in entertainment media.

Upperclassmen can have the opportunity to experience the Los Angeles entertainment industry firsthand in our immersive L.A. Quarter. These 8 weeks open up a host of new opportunities for internships, networking, and experiencing life in the entertainment capital of the world.

Our students have interned at world-class production companies and organizations across the industry, gaining valuable skills, acquiring insights on their field, and obtaining full-time job offers after graduation.


Below is a sampling of companies and studios our students have interned for during their time at JPCatholic, including the L.A. Quarter:

Disney ABC Walden Media Bold Films Indian Paintbrush AMC IHeart Media Alcon Entertainment The Hollywood Reporter Catholic Answers Cortez Brothers Family Theatre Productions Film Gear Artemis Motion Pictures Skydance Media MPower Productions


Not only will students develop their professional skills during their internships, they will also form life-long connections with industry professionals who are committed to both their craft and to Christ.

Building such a network is not only crucial to thrive in the industry, but also is paramount for continued personal and spiritual growth throughout the students’ professional careers. Our students learn how to successfully navigate the entertainment industry, both as a creative hub and as a mission field, with the guidance of seasoned mentors who hold their faith as a central part of their creative vocation.

Through experiences such as our “Behind the Scenes” class, students have received opportunities to meet with filmmakers, writers, actors, and animators on major motion pictures and shows such as Big Hero 6, Bella, The Walking Dead, Inside Out, and more. They can also receive the opportunity to attend VIP tours at Walt Disney Animation Studios, Dreamworks, and Universal Studios.

Networking in Hollywood
Hollywood Sign


If a student aims to settle in Los Angeles after graduation, the L.A. Quarter is a fantastic way to establish a foundation for future job opportunities, a reliable community, and a professional network that can lead to a successful career in Hollywood and beyond.

Even if students plan to continue their career endeavors in another location outside of Los Angeles, the L.A. Quarter still offers them a high-caliber experience focused on honing their interests, building their portfolio, cultivating professionalism, and developing useful skills that are considered desirable anywhere within the media industry.


During the internship quarter, students live in designated housing located near the Warner Bros. studio lot.

Beyond a $500 program fee to cover the increased housing cost, there are no other additional tuition or housing fees to participate in the LA Quarter. Students continue to pay the same tuition as they would any other quarter.

Our satelite student housing functions in the same way as student housing here in Escondido: Students share one- to two-bedroom apartments with fellow JPCatholic students of their same gender, and the same student life policies apply. See the video below for a comprehensive tour of a student housing unit in Los Angeles!

LA Quarter Housing


Who can apply for the L.A. Quarter?
Upperclassmen of any major are able to apply for the L.A. Quarter, but it’s usually a better fit for students pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. You must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and apply by the deadline to be eligible. You must also secure an internship by the deadline.

How do you get internships?
Internship discernment begins early on with a system of academic mentors as preparation for the L.A. Quarter begins. You work with your faculty mentor and career services to identify and secure the right internship for you.

What is the course load like?
You’ll maintain a full course load while in Los Angeles. Generally the schedule looks something like this:

  • Internship: 3-6 Credits
  • “Behind the Scenes” class: 3 credits
  • Two General Education classes: 3 credits each

Please note: Details of the L.A. Quarter are subject to change from year to year.

Current Students – Apply Here