BS in Communications Media

Our BS in Communications Media offers several areas of emphasis, which prepare students in all facets of the film, television, animation and video game industries.

Students learn the creative art of visual storytelling, directing, producing, cinematography, video editing, documentary filmmaking, sound recording, animation, game art, design and programming, as well as the business of film, TV, new media, and video gaming. It also prepares students interested in acquiring these skills and tools, along with business expertise, to evangelize.

BS in Business

Our BS in Business offers several areas of emphasis, which prepare students to create, lead, manage, and grow companies and organizations spanning from general businesses to entertainment media companies.

Students learn marketing and sales, leadership and management, planning and execution, and the business creation process. Students interested in entrepreneurship can bring together all they have learned in our series of entrepreneurship courses where they undertake a significant project or explore taking a new idea to market.

BA in Humanities

The Humanities are concerned with the study of the human condition, with what human beings think, do, and make. That study flows especially through art and culture, but also politics, economics, philosophy, and theology. A Humanities major will ask the big questions, such as: who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going, and how we should get there? How should we relate to God and neighbor? What is beauty? What is justice? What is friendship?

At JPCatholic, a Humanities major will not only study ideas, art, and culture using the great texts and great works of Western civilization as a foundation, but will enter into them actively, integrating the human powers of memory, imagination, and reason and educating the emotions and passions.


A minor gives a student the ability pursue a competency outside of their degree program without having to fulfill all of the degree requirements of a double-major. For more information on the difference between minors, double majors, and double emphases, please click here.

MBA in Film Producing

JPCatholic's MBA in Film Producing exists for one reason: to Impact Culture for Christ through compelling mainstream entertainment. Our curriculum features a unique mix you won't find anywhere else: marketing and finance, film and TV script development, film production, Hollywood networking seminars, and the chance to apply all of your knowledge in your capstone project. The program takes place within a dynamic Catholic environment where you can prepare for the challenges of the industry under the guidance of accomplished industry veterans.