JPCatholic students film Bat4Life in Dodgers Stadium

Nov 18, 2013

On November 18th, in Los Angeles, a team of students from John Paul the Great Catholic University entered Dodgers Stadium, armed with film equipment. They were not there to watch a baseball game; instead, they were there to film an experience. November 18th was the date for the 2nd annual life event, run by the organization LIFEsocal. LIFEsocal seeks to promote a new and vibrant vision of being pro-LIFE (Life Is For Everyone). This year's event, Go2Bat4Life, brought together professional athletes, speakers, and musicians to speak about the beauty and importance of life to thousands of people, all in the arena of Dodgers Stadium.

The JP Catholic team, led by Professor Tom Dunn, was composed of four camera teams, each with two assistants: one to record audio and the other to conduct interviews throughout the day. Caroline Harvey noted 'it was really cool to see all different types of people there - from celebrities to families, the Knights of Columbus, and college students. Everyone came together to celebrate life.'

Along with great music and talks, the stadium field held numerous booths and activities to entertain the entire family, like a batting cage, bumper cars and a zip line. When parents provide an example of faithful living for their children, by combining the pro-life movement with fun memories, they change the mindset of generations to come. Dani Conklin's favorite part of the event was watching the children having fun; she commented, 'I'm reminded of the importance of every, single life when I see a child laugh and play with others.'

For the JP Catholic students, Go2Bat4Life was a brilliant learning experience. Ethan Snell, camera operator, admitted 'it was a good challenge, adapting to people who are not used to being filmed. I found myself running backwards a lot.' At the end of the day, the students were able to combine two of their greatest passions, faith and film, in order to capture a movement of God's people. You can read more about the event at