JPCatholic Announces Feature Film Program

For Immediate Release: March 10, 2021

John Paul the Great Catholic University is excited to announce the Feature Film Program, a revolutionary model of education that will integrate feature film productions into our curriculum. This platform will provide all film students with the opportunity to use elective credit to collaborate with alumni and professors in creating an annual, commercially distributed film.

George Simon, Professor of Film Production and Chair of Communications Media, is pioneering the program. “There is no other university positioned as well as JPCatholic to offer something like this,” he said. “The small size of our university, the talent and collaborative spirit within the student body, the expertise of our film faculty – all create this environment where we can offer this incredibly unique opportunity that no other film schools are doing.”

The program will offer the potential for students to earn multiple IMDB credits throughout their education, beginning as production assistants and working their way up to key leadership roles senior year. The annual productions will take place over six quarters, beginning in Spring and reaching an initial cut by the end of the following Summer.

The first project will be entering development in Spring 2021 and entering production in June 2022. The University has committed an annual budget to the Feature Film Program, and students may seek out additional funding to increase the budget of the film. Each project will be crewed primarily by JPCatholic facu