MBA Students Attend NAB Show

April 26, 2019

Earlier this month, JPCatholic’s MBA students spent four days in Las Vegas for the annual NAB Show, a global conference showcasing the latest innovations across multiple sectors of media, entertainment and technology. One of the largest and most comprehensive conferences of its kind, it reported over 91,000 registered attendees this year and over 1,700 exhibitors, making for an extremely wide variety of exhibits, speakers and workshops.

Says student Michael Olmos, “not only was the sheer scale of the event unexpected, but the variety and multitude of speakers, events, showcases, and demonstrations were simply too multitudinous to keep track of.” Out of all this, however, some themes emerged. “More than anything, I was made to know the importance of relationships, professionalism, and faith in my career path,” Olmos says. “While technologies come and go, these fundamental aspects that make a good filmmaker and a good person to collaborate with have not changed.”

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NAB Show