Senior Projects 2023

February 15, 2023

Our senior class has been busy in producing their capstone film projects! From Westerns and period epics, to heartfelt animated dramas, see the full list of short films below and links to follow them on social media.

To learn more about the Senior Project process for film students, click here.

Broken Notes Poster

Broken Notes

Director: Alan Hewitt
Writer: Alan Hewitt
Producers: Ava Ludwig & Josue Vazquez Rios

A successful concert pianist struggles to save a faltering performance with his fiancée when he is confronted by his ex-wife and son.

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Brodyr et Gladius Poster

Brodyr et Gladius

Director: Sam Barton
Writer: Natalia Roberts
Producers: Natalia Roberts & Katerina Gerlach

While in combat, a Roman gladiator must decide between killing his opponent and winning his own freedom, or losing much more than his own life.

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Mono No Aware Poster

Mono No Aware

Director: Caterina Franks
Writer: Caterina Franks
Producers: Bernadette Timpson & Sebastian Morzen

A little girl forms an unconventional friendship with a young woman, but unknown to her, the woman is suffering from a terminal illness.

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Pardoning Beauty Poster

Pardoning Beauty

Director: Angelika Sowa
Writers: Angelika Sowa & Everett Ramirez
Producer: Elizabeth DeWitt

A young girl struggles to finish her mother’s dying wish as she deals with the pain of her father leaving them.

Law of the Land Poster

Law of the Land

Director: Faustina Ortiz
Writer: Philomena Pilon
Producers: Natalia Roberts & Elizabeth DeWitt

When her estranged husband threatens to take their only son away from her, a mother must put her life on the line for the sake of her family.

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Hug Your Bros Poster

Hug Your Bros

Director: Elijah Rechardson
Writer: Elijah Rechardson
Producers: Everett Ramirez & Tommy Hartley

Falling into a deep depression that manifests itself through the grips of addiction, Wade attempts to keep his sufferings from his friends.

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Animated Film Projects

Elephant Tracks Poster

Elephant Tracks

Director: Joshua Martin
Writers: Joshua Martin, Lindsay Newman, & Bella Lake
Producer: Joshua Martin

2d Animated Short Film: A man is engulfed by guilt until a stuffed elephant shows him just how colorful the world really is.

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Please Hold Poster

Please Hold

Director: Joseph Goedtke
Writers: Jaden Doyle & Timothy Johnson
Producers: Adam Buffini, Elijah Richardson & Joseph Goedtke

3d Animated Short Film: A classical musician named Greg moves to LA and shows up to an obscure recording studio for his first day of work, only to find that the studio records all of the world's telephone hold music.

The Goose Queen

Director: Grace Vedra
Writers: Nicholas Craley & Grace Vedra
Producer: Nicholas Craley

An adventurer tries to steal the legendary golden egg of the goose queen, only to realize she's taking more than she bargained for.