Capstone Projects 2016

September 2, 2016

Our senior undergraduate Film and our MBA in Film Producing students screened their capstone projects at Regal Cinema, Escondido on Sept 1 to a standing-room only crowd. Prof. Scoggins described the films as funny, moving, quiet, and troubling. All were made by students working at their very best. All of them were very good and a few rank as the best films yet made at JPCatholic. At the end of the screening, 35 seniors and MBA students shared with the audience what they had learned and their memories. There was laughter and tears, and lots of applause. He was proud and humbled to serve as their adviser through this process, to mentor them, challenge them, push them, and encourage them to hopefully do their very best work.The projects included:

AnnaAnna is a short film based on a true story about a little girl named Anna Schindler, who is battling a rare type of liver cancer and reaches past herself and her pain to touch the heart of her cousin, Gabe Teich, an Army sniper fighting his own battles in Afghanistan. Learn more

Blue Button Blue Button is a short film that follows Marie, a girl growing up in a military family, as she struggles to make and keep friends. A team of students have come together around the script written by KristenMary Nelson - drawn in by their love of and connection to the story and the truth about human connections. Learn more

Broken MirrorsBroken Mirrors is a story that deals with negative body image, eating disorders, and finding self-worth. Students are passionate about this powerful story - their mission is to help people who struggle with negativity find their self-worth. A person is more than their reflection in a mirror. Learn more

HeroHero is based on the true events of a girl struggling with her dark past and searching for a brighter future. She finds sanctuary in heroin. When the drug starts to take its toll, she must battle for her life and sanity. The story highlights truths about isolation and the power of human connections. Learn more

INYAINYA is a dramatic short film by MBA students about an elderly, eccentric hoarder who finds herself raising a baby after she discovers her amongst her things one night. The story highlights the power of love to change people, and how a push for change can come from unexpected places. Learn more

Saving GriefSaving Grief is a short film about an ambitious businesswoman who develops a remedy for grief: a drug that expedites the grieving process to an intense 48 hours. This comedic short is written and produced by Gabriela Montequin and directed by Tyler Carlos - students in the MBA Class of 2016. Learn more