JPCatholic Ranked #19 by U.S. News for Best Regional Colleges West

September 15, 2022

U.S. News & World Report, one of the go-to sources for national college rankings, placed John Paul the Great Catholic University at #19 in its list of Best Regional Colleges West for 2022-2023. Among the 102 schools of the Regional Colleges West category, JPCatholic ranks #19 overall, as well as #9 in Best Value and #14 on Social Mobility.

Every year the publication conducts extensive research of schools across the nation, first by arranging them into various subcategories (national universities, liberal arts colleges, regional colleges, etc.) and then ranking them within those categories according to a wide array of metrics. It is important to note that the rankings are driven primarily by quantitative data; that is, by measurable quantities such as retention rate and student-faculty ratio, rather than opinion surveys or third-party oversight. See methodology

The category “Regional Colleges” refers to schools that focus primarily on undergraduate education, but that grant less than half of their degrees in the liberal arts. JPCatholic meets these criteria because, although the humanities and liberal arts form a substantial part of the undergraduate core curriculum, two out of the three bachelors degrees offered are a Bachelor of Science rather than a Bachelor of Arts.

The many Regional Colleges throughout the nation are then grouped according to geographic region: North, South, Midwest and West. The West region, which covers 14 states, is by far the largest geographically, extending from the Pacific coast through Texas and including Alaska and Hawaii.

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