Yellow Line Digital Partners with JPCatholic for Student Internships and Jobs

April 28, 2023

JPCatholic is pleased to announce a formal partnership with digital marketing agency Yellow Line Digital. Since its founding in 2012 as a LaunchPad project by faculty and alumni, the company has had a close relationship with the University, and roughly two-thirds of all employees have been JPCatholic students or alumni.

The new partnership gives JPCatholic students first opportunity for internship openings, as well as employment opportunities.

The president of YLD is Prof. Joe Szalkiewicz, who currently integrates students into the company’s workflow through a hands-on course called Digital Agency Workshop. YLD is a full service digital agency that has provided video and social media marketing solutions to over 100 businesses and nonprofits, including five Archdiocese and a Vatican organization.

Prof. Joe Connolly, Chair of Business, coordinated the partnership with Gabriel Geagea (‘13), VP of Operations at YLD. “This partnership formalizes a relationship we’ve had for a while,” said Connolly. “As a company incubated in JPCatholic’s LaunchPad, Yellow Line Digital has long led by example and created ample opportunity for JPCatholic students and alumni. Their unique positioning in the market is a compelling fit for students across JPCatholic’s areas of study, and we’re looking forward to continuing to grow this fruitful relationship.”

Prof. Szalkiewicz said, “I remember back in 2011-2012 listening to Dr. Connolly talk about Industry Clusters growing around universities, how the university acted as a hub and the businesses came out of it like spokes. Yellow Line Digital is one of the earliest spokes and we are honored to be part of such a great Catholic Cluster of organizations seeking to impact culture for Christ. This agreement is the natural progression of a long and healthy relationship.”