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Abandoned Chapel - La Chapelle de L’ange au Violon

Over 10 weeks, students had to conceptualize, model, texture, and light a scene with the theme “Abandoned” in mind. Tam based his project on the real life La Chapelle de L’ange au Violon in France. He started with a trim sheet Ihe modeled in Maya and baked and textured in Substance Painter. He also made tile-able materials in Substance Designer, as well as decals. He then modeled out the scene in Maya using these textures and working to keep it modular. Then, in Unreal Engine 4, he painted foliage, added decals, lit, animated, and rendered the scene in real time. All 3D aspects are done by Tam.


Artist : Tam Nguyen

Class : Environment Design II

Artstation : AnimationGenie