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Over 10 weeks, students had to conceptualize, model, texture, and light a scene with the theme “Abandoned” in mind. “Urbanized” is a fully playable environment running in real-time in UE4 in which Grant wanted to try and incorporate all programs and practices he has learned thus far into one big piece. This 3D environment is based on the concept art from Nick Stath. All of the hard surface and structural modeling was done inside of Maya. Some damages for concrete was done in Zbrush and baked down into normal maps. Texturing was done utilizing a combination of Substance Designer, Substance Painter and the material editor within UE4 (for things like my glass, frosted glass, and emissives). The foliage and decals were made by taking images and creating textures out of them using Substance Designer. Everything was blocked out, combined, set dressed and lit using baked lighting inside of UE4. The water was the only thing not made by him, and was sourced from the Meadows Environment Pack on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.


Artist : Grant Hall

Class : Environment Design II

Artstation : Grantasourus