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Da Capo | Developing the Story (Part 1)

Seniors in JPCatholic's Game Development program have been busy working on “Da Capo”! In this first-person game, players will take on the role of Fia as she explores her father's abandoned theater, encountering the memories of this environment across multiple eras. In Part 1 of our video series, student Sam LeMark walks through the story development process, introduces the team behind the project, and discusses the challenges and benefits that come with crafting a narrative for a video game. Also, the music in this video is one of the tracks for the game itself, created by alumnus Marcus Deubell!

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Team : John Arvidson, Zach Bates, Mykaela Daley, John Paul Diodati, Grant Hall, Gemma Johnson, Sam LeMark, Yssa Mitra, Emmanuel Okeke, Taylor Prudencio

Class : Game Development Senior Project 2021