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Canopy Pub Bar

Real-time Game Ready Asset of an antique fancy Canopy Pub Bar from the 1930-1960's using a single 4K texture set for all models. He modeled the high poly and low poly in Maya, baked and textured in Substance Painter, and rendered real-time in Marmoset. All of the chairs, bottles, glasses, the cash register, and the main bar all use one 4K texture set. He also made an extended version using the same textures. The short version is 47776 tris without chairs, glasses, or bottles. The extended version is 62942 tris without chairs, glasses or bottles. A single chair is 3076 tris, a single glass about 1K tris, and a single wine bottle about 400 tris.


Artist : Tam Nguyen

Class : Hard Surface Modeling II

Artstation : AnimationGenie