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Recently Abandoned Medieval Village

Grant created this level environment in tandem with two courses. It started off in Level Design I with Prof. Figueroa, where he created a blockout for the level map. His goal at the time was for it to be an introductory level to a medieval style horror game. The player would spawn on the dock and their “goal” is the big white house on the left-hand side. Originally it was meant to be a nighttime scene; however, he was also taking Environment Design I with Prof. Sartain, and the final project of that class was to create a Megascanned forest scene to practice texture and object blending. Prof. Sartain challenged and inspired him to take that assignment further by creating a large 3d environment based off his blockout, getting more experience in blending man-made and natural objects. So Grant gathered Unreal Marketplace assets and some Megascans to assemble this scene.

“This was my first time making anything this large and the original level was built with gameplay in mind, so I pushed it further and wanted to focus on optimization. I minimized the number of assets I used and did my best to utilize Unreal's material editors to get A LOT of mileage out of as little texture space as possible. In the end, it became a combination level-design and environment set-dressing piece (with the set dressing component being the main focus of my Artstation).”


Artist : Grant hall

Class : Level Design I & Environment Design I

Artstation : Grantasourus