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Senior Project

Arch is about the adventure between a young girl and the faceless desert warrior that she befriends. M1K3, a fearsome being brought to life from the sand upon the interaction with Lilly. Together the two of them travel the wasteland, and after a short while, M1K3 discovers that Lilly has fatal radiation poisoning, a staple of the nuclear desert. The two of them decide to journey to 'the safe place' in order to find a cure for Lilly, but to reach it they have to venture through Babylon, the wicked fortress of the wastes, and face the demons that lie within.


Writer & Director: Preston Yarger

Creative Producer : Nicolas Alayo

Producer : JJ Schindler

Creative Producer : Meghan Woodard

Dir. of Photography : Austin Jacobson


Post Apocalyptic Grand Prize Winner
at The 2017 Wasteland Film Festival