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Arch (Senior Project)

ARCH is about the adventure between a young girl and the faceless desert warrior that she befriends. M1K3, a fearsome being brought to life from the sand upon the interaction with Lilly. Together the two of them travel the wasteland, and after a short while, M1K3 discovers that Lilly has fatal radiation poisoning, a staple of the nuclear desert. The two of them decide to journey to "the safe place" in order to find a cure for Lilly, but to reach it they have to venture through Babylon, the wicked fortress of the wastes, and face the demons that lie within.


Post Apocalyptic Grand Prize Winner
at The 2017 Wasteland Film Festival


Writer & Director : Preston Yarger

Creative Producer : Nicolas Alayo

Producer : JJ Schindler

Creative Producer : Meghan Woodard

Dir. of Photography : Austin Jacobson

Behind the Scenes