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Dance and Drum


Dance And Drum, created by Simon Michael as part of ENTM307 Documentaries, is an uplifting film highlighting the life of Evan Williams, a bright young man with Down Syndrome. Evan has a palpable enthusiasm and passion for life that directly influences those around him. He enjoys making videos and skits, hanging out with friends, riding his bike, dancing, and cracking jokes. In this film Evan’s parents and siblings also share their experience having a family member with special needs, the lessons they’ve learned, and the unique joys he has brought into their life. Evan’s story provokes all of us to think more deeply about what really gives life meaning and worth. The film considers the role of suffering in life and its redemptive nature and how this understanding compels us to preserve and protect all lives, including those with disabilities such as Down Syndrome.

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Director : Simon Michael

Producers : Simon Michael & Cecilia Morris

Cinematographer: Simon Michael