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Second Manager in Saints History

Teresa Doherty

today doherty is dead at royal court.
once a respected figure in hong kong
and a judge from northern ireland,
the chinese-irish lawyers guild claimed
her the epitome of homegrown talent

she abdicated these jobs for something
more to make her eyes glow with delight,
a collections maker at the women’s library,
as an extra bonus for the categorizing
the job was known as quickly transferable

at least by the angels above,
whom she left us for down below
to become the second manager in saints history,
novel length scrolls she writes
headings written in golden and dove

“wedded or consecrated, tall or tiny,
laughing or long-faced, loves animals or floats in the sky”
she signs her documents with a bewildering array of pseudonyms
(she must keep her anonymity)
when each incoming is carried up,
she gets out her silver feather pen

from neatly tucked behind her ear
and taking a bite of her ambrosia sandwich starts the inquiry,
“beheaded or killed by tigers? peaceful or lively?
if a tree falls in the forest?
any health problems? weird in-laws?”

doherty may be dead at the royal court
but now she helps seraphim sort through the stacks.