COVID-19 Information Center

Last Updated 3/26/2022

Classroom Experience

JPCatholic resumed in-person instruction Fall 2020 using a hybrid model, and we have since shifted to in-person instruction as the primary mode of education. From Fall 2020 through Winter 2022, we utilized outdoor classrooms (“The Harbor” and “Pelican Bay”) for most courses, allowing us to continually offer an in-person education throughout the pandemic.

Beginning in Spring 2022, we are shifting to offer a majority of courses indoors. Some courses will still take place in our outdoor classrooms.

Facial coverings are not required.

Online access to classes remains available for students as needed for illness and other unusual circumstances.

Vaccination Policy

JPCatholic currently does not require students or staff to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Visit Student Healthcare Page.

How JPCatholic Adapted to COVID

In this video (March 2021), President Derry Connolly reflects on how the pandemic impacted JPCatholic, how the university quickly adapted to each development, and the ways we are keeping students safe while continuing to offer a quality, in-person education.


The federal CARES Act provided money to colleges and universities for emergency student grants.

Read more details on the distribution of funds received.