Shepherd of Light was launched on Steam in September 2019, and within just 2 months...

Over 25,000 Downloads

Played in 145 Countries

300+ Reviews, with a 95% Positive Rating

See what people are saying on Steam:

The fantasy puzzle game is set on the moon of Themis, where you take on the role of a shepherd entrusted to look after his father’s flock. When the sheep are scattered, you must brave the wolf-infested forest to find the lost sheep and use each one’s special ability to continue on your quest. A beautiful and adventurous game, Shepherd of Light offers progressively challenging puzzles and satisfying gameplay.

Solve Puzzles

Avoid Wolves

Rescue Sheep

Go Behind the Scenes with Our Gaming Students

The team behind Shepherd of Light talk about the game design and production process.

Meet the Creative Team

Seven gaming students and two animation students collaborated as the core team behind the game, with additional help coming from other students.

James Jacobus

Project Manager & Lead Designer

Adriana DeCarlo

Art Director

Matthew Grimm

Level Designer & Environment Artist

Phillip Shepherd

Prop Artist

Sarah Galbraith

Environment Concept Artist

David Sawcyzn

Animation Director & Lead Animator

Marie Lilles

Co-Illustrator & Texture Artist

Dominic Aglialoro

Lead Programmer

Austin Matte



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