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The Making of “Shepherd of Light”

Loosely based on the parable of the Good Shepherd, Shepherd of Light is a resource-based puzzle game set in a fantasy world and modeled in part after the style of games such as Pikmin and Ori and the Blind Forest. The game takes place in a shadowy world where sheep are a precious resource, as they hold the light upon which this world depends. The player takes on the role of a shepherd who collects sheep with various magical properties and strategically uses them to progress through levels and avoid wolves. To learn more about this Senior Project and to play the game for free, visit


Team : Dominic Aglialoro, Adriana DeCarlo, Sarah Galbraith, Phillip Gregg, Matthew Grimm, James Jacobus, Marie Lilles, Austin Matte, David Sawczyn

Class : Game Development Senior Project 2019