Crochet Club

When people hear crochet, many of them think about their grandma knitting in her rocking chair with her cat, and while cats are adorable, Crochet Club is so much more than that. It is about enjoying the company of those around you, learning new ways to artistically express yourself, and helping towards a noble cause. Anything can be inspiration for your art, and crochet can be a great outlet to relax from school but also stretch those artistic muscles!

At Crochet Club, we have a variety of skill levels from complete beginner to very advanced. Each quarter, we have a group secret project that gets donated or gifted at the end of the quarter. In addition, we help and encourage others to work on their own projects whether it be sweaters, giant mushrooms, or tiny frogs! The sky is the limit!

Club Leader: Mary Beth Wiand
Instagram: @jpc_crochet

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