Student Life Staff

Three teams deliver and coordinate different aspects of our student experience, programs and services. The teams are committed to the development of the whole student by offering opportunities and services to support, challenge and empower them to become better Christians in the world. JPCatholic students are uniquely creative, involved in artistic and innovative projects involving media and business. The campus culture encourages students to search for the ways in which they are called to serve the Lord in their future professional careers.

Campus Open Hours:

155 W Grand and 200 W Grand
Monday–Sunday: 8am - 12 midnight

220 W Grand
Monday–Friday: Normal business hours
Saturday–Sunday: CLOSED

Vice President for Student Formation & Campus Life

Greg Climaco

Greg, a Southern California native, was born and raised in Orange County. After earning his BA in philosophy, he joined the PLACE Corps (Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education) and earned an MA in education. With the PLACE Corps, Greg lived in a community in inner-city Los Angeles while teaching at an under-resourced Catholic school. Since then, he has worked in Catholic schools as a teacher, coach, vice-principal, and for the last nine years as a principal. Greg has been richly blessed throughout his career in Catholic education and is very excited to join our JPCatholic community along with his wife Kerry, also an educator, and their three young children.

Directors of Student Life

Moises Mora

Moises graduated from John Paul the Great Catholic University in 2020 with a degree in Communications Media and emphasis in New Evangelization. Before transferring to JPCatholic in the Fall of 2017, Moises taught Catholic Children’s Education in his hometown of New Cuyama while working full time at Price's Old Cuyama Hardware, and pursuing voice acting. During his time at JPCatholic, Moises worked as Residential Life Assistant, participated in a variety of clubs, and has run audio for many student projects as well as professional productions through TVX Sports Video. Moises, along with his wife Madelyn, a JPCatholic alumna, is excited to use his skills and knowledge to help students grow closer to Christ.

Cassidy Van Vooren

Cassidy is a people loving specialist with a rich history in ministry on campus and at her two home parishes in the Orange County diocese, where she loves to talk “Jesus.” Cassidy is a JPCatholic alumni who graduated with a BS degree in Communications Media (emphasis in New Evangelization) with the intention of impacting culture for Christ at the parish level. However, God had other plans and brought her back to JPCatholic as a Director of Student Life. She is excited about serving the JPCatholic community. She feels that when you open minds to opportunities and possibilities, you open hearts to impact others and create hope for the world. Cassidy has two older sisters and one younger brother who all live in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. When not working, you can find Cassidy reading, running, creating and performing music, participating in outdoor sporting activities, practicing sign language or avoiding dairy.


Joseph Sleman

Joseph has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. He brings experience as an academic success coach in helping struggling students overcome various academic challenges.