Student Life Staff

Photo of Eleazar Palma

Eleazar Palma

Dean of Students

Eleazar is a born and raised Southern Californian with a love for film, people, and faith. Eleazar is a JPCatholic alumni who graduated with a BS degree in Communication Media (emphasis in Production). He has a background in both Theology and Philosophy giving him a well rounded view on life on campus for our students. He feels that bringing people closer to Christ through the arts is his life long mission and this is why he wants to work for a school with that same mission.

Photo of Fr Sarfraz Alam

Fr. Sarfraz Alam O.S.A.

University Chaplain

Originally from Pakistan, Fr. Sarfraz Alam was ordained to the priesthood in 2019, and is a part of the San Diego Augustinian Order.

Photo of Taylor Williams

Taylor Williams

Director of Student Life

Taylor Williams is a JPCatholic alum, a husband and father, and a servant of Our Lord. He graduated in 2019 in the Humanities with an emphasis in Theology and Philosophy and then began his career in public education. He ultimately returned to JPCatholic though to foster holistic growth among the student body. The center of his mission is Christ, and with the support of his community, his wife and son especially, Taylor hopes to unite JPCatholic culture more deeply around Christ to ensure its students more deeply impact culture for Christ. Some of his interests are thinking, discussion, the Liturgy, and morning walks around his neighborhood.

Photo of Joseph Sleman

Joseph Sleman


Joseph has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. He brings experience as an academic success coach in helping struggling students overcome various academic challenges.