Film Club

Film Club is a place where you can hone your craft and get involved in making movies! It's a great place to come and get experience in all phases of the filmmaking process, from pre-production to production and finally to post. We provide a platform for all students, regardless of their major, to get involved and make their passion projects outside of the classroom setting, while still having access to the school's equipment and resources. Your fellow members will be here to give notes on your story, provide hands on set, and walk you through the phases of production by helping in any way we can!

Aside from making movies, we also hold various meetings and events pertaining to the club and filmmaking in general. At our meetings, we'll be updating our members on projects currently in the works, giving feedback to others on ideas or questions, as well as discussing movies we're currently watching and the state of the Hollywood Industry.

At our events, we'll be hosting all sorts of different things. In the past, we've done mini Film Screenings, where we'll showcase the movies that have been made during the quarter. We've also done workshops and discussions on specific aspects of filmmaking, such as lighting and storyboarding.

In the future, we're hoping to continue to expand our skill sets by holding more hands-on activities, such as learning how to use our school’s motion capture suit or holding a quarter-long project of a set build in our soundstage. We love hearing from our members on the various things they'd like to learn more about or improve on, so if you have any ideas let us know!

Club Leader: Prof. George Simon
Instagram: @jpcu_filmclub

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It's Not a Phase

Film Club project directed by Christopher Weingart