Join us online for a Faculty Q&A!

From screenwriters to 3d artists, entrepreneurs and CEOs, JPCatholic’s faculty hold an incredible amount of experience, and many of them still actively work in their field. Join us for a Q&A panel discussion via Zoom Conferencing to get to know them! You’ll get to hear more about their background, their insights and advice on their industry, and most importantly, answers to your own questions!

  • Each event is free, online, and will last 30 minutes.
  • Each Q&A discussion will be hosted by a professor and an admissions representative.
  • You won’t need to connect your audio or video; you’ll be able to ask your questions live via chat.
  • You can download Zoom Conferencing for free here.

Upcoming Events:

Joe Shoopack

Prof. Joe Shoopack, Adjunct Professor of Game Development

Wednesday, November 29, 5:00-5:30pm PT

Joe is a Game Developer with over 30 years of experience in the creation of Interactive Digital Entertainment. His career includes work at Blue Sky Software / SEGA, 989 Studios, and Sony Online Entertainment: serving as Director of Art Development for 16 years. During his development career he has contributed to over 65 game titles.

At this Q&A we'll discuss careers in the game development industry, interactive storytelling, how to design fun experiences, and more!

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