Story Masters Film Academy

Transferring Story Masters Credit to JPCatholic

Story Masters Film Academy is an online education platform founded by screenwriting alumna Tara Stone and two JPCatholic faculty, Prof. Chris Riley and Prof. Nathan Scoggins. Story Masters offers online courses in screenwriting and directing for high school students; JPCatholic has partnered with Story Masters to make these two courses eligible toward transfer credit at JPCatholic.

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Story Masters’ courses “Film Writing” and “Directing” are eligible for transfer to JPCatholic. When enrolling, students may select from various packages: Basic, Plus, and Ultimate; each of these tiers is eligible for transfer credit.
  • Upon enrolling in one of these Story Masters courses, the student must notify Story Masters before the beginning of the course if they intend to potentially transfer the credit to JPCatholic. The student will receive a score of 1, 2, 3, or 4 upon completion of the course; the student must receive a passing score (3 or higher) to be eligible for the transfer credit.
  • Upon successful completion of the coursework and a passing score, students are responsible to request that Story Masters submit their transcripts to the Admissions office at JPCatholic. Transfer credit will not be processed without receipt of these transcripts.
  • These two Story Masters courses are eligible to count for 3 elective credits each. They do not count toward any specific JPCatholic course.

For additional information about Transfer Credit at JPCatholic, please visit our Transfer FAQ or call us at 858-653-6740.