Alumni Success

In 2009, we celebrated the Commencement of JPCatholic’s first 19 alumni. Since then, over 600 alumni have graduated, prepared to impact culture for Christ.

JPCatholic’s project-based degree programs and well-rounded core curriculum are forming students for a variety of career paths. Our alumni have found success in a variety of paths, ranging from Hollywood to independent media organizations, and from large corporations to their own entrepreneurial start-ups. Some of our alumni have discerned a religious vocation and joined seminary or religious communities.

In all of these paths, JPCatholic alumni have been formed to have a positive impact on their family, Church, communities, and the culture at large.

Where Have JPCatholic Alumni worked?

We’re incredibly proud of our hard-working alumni and their diverse accomplishments.
Below are a sampling of employers our graduates have worked for or with:

Word on Fire Catholic Answers Coca Cola Fandango Life Teen Netflix Microsoft Playstation Daily Wire NBC Rooster Teeth Disney Sony Online Entertainment HBO Universal Pictures Ascension Press CBS Television Family Theatre Productions Drive Studio Adidas Spirit Juice Studios FX Networks Psyonix DIY Network Indian Paintbrush Paradisus Dei Acton Institute Alliance Defending Freedom Jim Henson Company Rotten Tomatoes Shalom Media Metanoia Films Silvergate Bank NET Ministries TVX Video San Diego Zoo ABCO Automation Children of the Immaculate Heart Life Choices Insomniac Games Skydance Media Air Force CalBiotech Yellow Line Digital GTC Systems EEDAR Charter Communications BOP Design Ferrari Films Miles Christi KUSI Television Keller Williams Reality PsychArmor Institute Code Ninjas Paramount Pictures Texell Credit Union Travel Channel Dynamic Catholic Augustine Institute Screen Rant Technicolor Revive Parishes Saint Luke Productions Rightware Vincit Social Solutions MobilityWare Revature Stardock Software Pacific Legal Foundation High Voltage Software Montezuma Publishing Conquest Imaging Circle 8 Productions

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Undergraduate Alumni Following a Religious Vocation

Alumni Companies

JPCatholic’s Creative Entrepreneurship program offers students the opportunity to take their ideas through the Business Launchpad, and some alumni continue to grow and earn revenue from businesses they developed at JPCatholic.

Yellow Line Digital

Yellow Line Digital

Originally formed in 2011 as a collaboration between faculty and students, Yellow Line Digital is a social media marketing company that has employed numerous alumni. They have worked with clients such as the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, Leo Diamond, and various Catholic Dioceses.

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Zen Garden Productions

Zen Garden Productions

Founded by alumnus Alex Lash within JPCatholic’s Business Launchpad, Zen Garden is a full-service production company specializing in film, animation, and photography. They have worked with clients such as Boys & Girls Clubs, Rotary Club, and Ready America.

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Vandal’s Games

Vandal’s Games

Founded by alumnus Chris Carvalho, Vandal’s Games buys and resells vintage video games and consoles. Chris took his company through the Business Launchpad to increase sales and profitability, and continues to operate the company.

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Graduate Studies

JPCatholic students are also well prepared to pursue further education, and a number have taken that path, being accepted to prestigious and selective grad programs. Alumni have pursued master’s degrees from:

Alumni Spotlights

I am particularly grateful for the great mentorship I received from the professors at JPCatholic.

Maggie Mahrt

B.S. in Communications Media ('10)

Maggie’s senior thesis project at JPCatholic Chow Bella won the Audience Choice award at the San Diego IndieFest. She later spent three seasons on the hit NBC drama Grimm as assistant to showrunner/writer/director David Greenwalt. In 2017 she was selected by the American Film Institute as one of eight woman for their Directing Workshop for Women.

JPCatholic gave me the creative, professional and spiritual platform that I needed to begin my career. Everything I’ve learned and experienced has been the product of top-notch mentorship through the university. I owe everything to the incredibly talented and influential faculty members.

Nate Sjogren

B.S. in Communications Media ('11)

Broadcast Designer at Drive Studio. Nate has worked for nearly a decade at Drive Studio, producing logos, motion graphics, and branding for the FIFA World Cup, the NFL, NBC Sports, National Geographic, and more.

JPCatholic also changed me as a person by infusing a lasting entrepreneurial spirit in me, equipping me with the tools to be a creator and collaborator in any and every role.

Neil Watson

B.S. in Business, Emphasis in Entrepreneurship (‘10)

Senior Manager, Range Architecture (Merchandising) at Adidas

JPCatholic prepared me for this job by giving me an incredibly firm intellectual foundation in my faith.

Leah Murphy

B.S. in Communications Media, Emphasis in New Evangelization (‘14)

Coordinator of Digital Evangelization and Outreach at Life Teen

I was blessed with an integrated educational experience while at JPCatholic. The ability to take the classroom information and put it immediately into practice, helped me to build a work-ethic and tool chest to pull from in my job.

Stephen Flemings

B.S. in Business (‘11)

Partner at Yellow Line Digital

I always tell people that JPCatholic is the best school in the world, and I truly believe that.

Fr. Simon Esshaki

B.S. in Communications Media, Emphasis in New Evangelization (‘12)

Chaldean Catholic Priest

The professors with their practical insights and encouragement are one of my favorite things about the program. They have a lot of wisdom we can learn from.

Devanie Cooper

B.S. in Business (‘14)

Co-Owner & Manager, St. Paul Book & Gift Store

It is all about value. Figure out what you’re good at, figure out what your skills are, and figure out how that transitions into a value for someone else.

Alex Lash

B.S. in Communications Media (‘16), MBA in Film Producing (‘17)

Founder, Lead Video Producer at Zen Garden Productions

1 The total degrees awarded includes both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

2 Data covers 3 years and includes the classes of 2017-2019. Six months after graduation, alumni were surveyed on their employment status. 88% of alumni were working full-time, part-time, or pursuing further education within 6 months of graduation. Reported employment is not necessarily related to the students' field of study.

3 The total number of alumni from our undergraduate degree programs who are married or engaged to another student or alumni from JPCatholic, divided by the total number of undergraduate degrees conferred.