Power of Story Essay Contest

Contest Overview and Prompt

At John Paul the Great Catholic University, we believe that stories have the power to impact us in profound ways. In addition to entertaining us, good stories can inspire and touch our souls; they can bring freshness, understanding, and clarity to our experience. A powerful story can draw us out of the monotony of our lives and remind us of the truth and beauty that surrounds us. They can allow us to see the human experience through another’s eyes, reexamine our own lives and relationships, and help us see the world in a new light.

JPCatholic will award an all-expense paid* two-night trip to our campus in San Diego county to the top essay which answers these questions:

  • What story have you experienced that was particularly effective in drawing you closer to truth, beauty, and goodness? (Could be a Film, TV show, Play, Novel, Video Game, or Comic Book)
  • What was it in the story and the craft of the artist that made it compelling? What about the story made it a gift to the audience?

Additional Contest Details

  • Contest Ends 2/1/2018
  • Essay length: 2-4 pages, double-spaced
  • Age Requirement:Student must be a junior or senior in high school when the essay is submitted.

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